A walk at work – novels that make your heart beat faster

Looking for a picnic book? Or maybe you want to read something disturbing? Be sure to check out our suggestions!

A long weekend is a great opportunity to get into your favorite entertainment. If you, like me, like to take some books with you for a walk, I recommend choosing something that stirs emotions and ensures a good time. Today I am going to suggest suspenseful thrillers and mystical stories full of twists and turns.

Mick Heron “Tigers of Truth”

A walk at work - novels that make your heart beat faster

“Prawda Tigrysy” is the third part of the bestselling series about Slough House, the place disgraced intelligence workers go to separate them from the rest of society (I wrote about the previous part). here). Most of the time they do paperwork under the supervision and appointment of their supervisor, Jackson Lamb. This time, the action begins with the kidnapping of Catherine Standish, a The most sensitive intelligence file is the bargaining chip for its release.

Mick Heron shows more cynicism toward politics and its power-hungry bosses. The book is not lacking in tension and action imbued with black humor, and what the agents found exposes social imbalances, the collapse of order from outside and inside, the struggle for power and the art of manipulation. Real Tigers is an excellent spy story with outstanding attention to detailCreate a pervasive sense of realism. The author uses the words to perfection, letting the reader lose themselves in action-packed satire that provides plenty of fun – something we all need right now.

The entire Mick Heron series is totally attractive and satisfying. Fans of the genre can also watch the series based on the book, in which Gary Oldman played Jackson Lamb. It is available on Apple TV.

Janusz Onufrowicz “The Remains. Code 148: Murder”

A walk at work - novels that make your heart beat faster

Commissioner Fyodor Gralici of the Homicide Division and his aspiring partner Konrad Janowicz will undertake to solve the horrific murders. psychopathic killerHe creates monsters from his victims by sewing limbs on different parts of the body. A desperate battle begins, as the game will not always go the way the heroes intended.

Janusz Onufrowicz wrote a dark, bitter and even cruel story at times, whose narration can make your skin shiver. The provocative plot (wait for the end!) makes the psychological thriller “Wreck. Code 148: Murder “will interest all fans of difficult investigations and complex motives behind the behavior of the characters.

The author’s narration is straightforward, tough, and sometimes filled with satirical opinions about police work, personal relationships, and the killer’s motives. The darkness and violence all around give us the impression that we are constantly missing something. A tense investigation takes place, and we get immersed in a grim story that may be scary at first, but over time we get used to it and eagerly want to know the ending. Here the author gives us a roller coaster ride like Almodovar movies! shocking – I’ll tell you a lot! 😊

Andrea Bartz “We’ve Never Been Here”

A walk at work - novels that make your heart beat faster

I’ve never liked traveling alone, and after this book, I feel less inclined to do so! In the psychological thriller We’ve Never Been Here, we follow Emily and her college friend Kristen. For more than ten years, the women have regularly traveled with each other, exchanging adrenaline-filled moments and surprises, finally going on an unforgettable trip in South America. Everything changes when, while in Chile, Kristen begins talking to a man she recently met and invites him to her room. When Emily entered the hotel suite, she found blood on the floor, broken glass, an injured Christine and a dead man…

I am a huge fan of the canvas in which the protagonist is forced to question the motives of the other protagonist, so that we do not fully know the readers What are the manipulations and conspiracies behind the whole plot. In this case, we contemplate the innocence of the heroine and her motives. The author offers readers a picture of dramatic events, exclusive trips and friendships of the protagonists, united by more than one mystery.

We Were Never Here is a disturbing thriller full of secrets, lies and manipulation. I recommend this book for action, mystery and the enchanting life that looks like a polished apple broken on the inside.

Sue Watson “I know your secret”

A walk at work - novels that make your heart beat faster

Two weeks On the Italian coast in a luxury villa Surrounded by immediate family away from the troubles of everyday life. looks poetic? The main character, Claire, hopes that the upcoming family vacation will be an opportunity to renew her relationship with her husband Dan. However, not everything will go according to plan.

Reading “I Know Your Secret” I felt the warmth of the Italian sun, the smell of sea air, and I felt completely at the narration that took me from the first page. Interesting twists and well-drawn characters will make the novel retain its charm for the reader who wants to discover what really happened in the Italian villa.

Carefully hidden secrets begin to fade, and the reader becomes a witness to these events, and begins to take one of the pages. We will have to see for ourselves who will beat whom. This is a dark psychological thriller set in the heat of Italy that will delight fans of family secrets.

Sunny picnic! Let me know if you have any plans to read on!

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