A player from Raku talks about the value of the team before the Polish Cup final. “We are confident in ourselves. We can impose our style and this is our strength”

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Matthews and Doviak sealed Rakow’s victory in the match against Wisla Krakow.

For Matthews and Doviak, it will be the third Polish Cup final and a chance to win the third title in a row. He won first place as a football player in Krakow, the second for Rakov, despite sitting on the bench, and today depends on a performance from the very beginning, whenever he has never played in the National Stadium.

Super Express: The fact that you play in the final with Lech, with whom you are also fighting for the championship, causes additional feelings?

Matthews and Doyak: Indeed, recently, it is not so often that the teams fighting for the championship meet in the cup final. In addition, we are back with the final match at the National Stadium, which also caused additional excitement. It promises to be a great show in every way.

– So your first match will be at the National Stadium?

– yes. Until now I was in this stadium as a fan. I think for many of the players on the team it will be an unforgettable event. This is perhaps the most famous game of the season, at the largest stadium in the country. Probably everyone who hasn’t played at the National Stadium yet would like to play it. I have very positive feelings and can’t wait for the match.

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– I won the last league against Lech in Poznan. This is your psychological advantage before the final?

We realize how strong our team is, know our value and our strengths. The victory in Lech was not accidental, because recently it became clear in Szczecin that we can win a match that was not going well at first. We are confident in the positive sense of the word. No matter who we play with, we can impose our style and that is our strength.

– That confidence comes from the fact that you haven’t lost any league or cup matches this spring?

– There are many teams who trust when they lead the match and win it, because it is normal. But the trick is to believe in yourself and be successful when nothing is going your way, as was the case with Pogo in Szczecin, when we were losing until the break. Then the coach’s role is important but also the role of mutual support for the players. We tell ourselves in such moments that we are a strong team and we have to believe in success until the end, and the match with Bogo confirmed that.

But maybe faith is not everything, skills are also important…

– Definitely. We have many individuals, but most of all we are a collective. The organization of the game is at a very good level and we are able to keep it until the end, while in some teams, at the end of the game it collapses. Regardless of the course of the match, we are ready for any scenario.

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Matthews, Doviak (Kracovia) and his girlfriend Patricia after the Polish Cup final in Lublin
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Matthews, Doviak (Kracovia) and his girlfriend Patricia after the Polish Cup final in Lublin

– I was lucky in the Polish Cup, because your goal two years ago decided the victory of Krakow, in this edition I scored 3 goals…

– Correct, colloquially, “I’m in the center” of the cup, because I shoot a little in it and I hope it will be like that in the final.

– Maybe that’s why he “lied”, because your wife – and before that your fiancée – Patricia – was in the cup final on the field?

-Maybe it adds strength, although my wife was in every home game we played, but in fact she was on the field in the cup final in Lublin two years ago. This season she won the quarter-finals with Arka and the league match in Poznan with Lech. It will also be at the National Stadium.

– So we found out the secret of winning matches. After the last two years, I took Patricia – then as you wished – to Paris and showed it to her there. Are there plans in case Lech wins?

At the moment, what matters most is my sporting result, and special plans will come after the season. She’s changed a bit since the cup two years ago, because the wedding is behind us and we’ve been married since last June.

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