“A friend tells tearful tales of family misfortunes to extort money from me. He will not be deceived anymore” – Real Life

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I’ve been in the same room with Melina for three years, but I can’t say I know her well. Since our company has been privatized and half the people have gone to the streets, there is always so much work to do that there is no time for rumours. I tend to stay over for extra time rather than finding free time to have a private conversation during the day.

So we only exchange short notes with Melina, or She speaks and I listen with one ear. It’s gossip, but luckily I can stop it. I have this skill since my childhood, when I spent a lot of time in the school club, because my parents worked late and there was no one to take care of me. So in the common room I was doing my homework, reading books and ignoring all the noise around me. He was the same in the office now.

Something is starting to disagree with me

In fact, I knew very little about Melina. About the fact that her mother is sick and spends a month on drugs, or that her brother had an accident and is now undergoing an expensive rehabilitation process. According to her stories, unfortunately a lot of unpleasant things happen in her family and no one overflows. I felt so sorry for her. For example, that her husband left her sister and left the woman with three young children, so now Melina has to help her …

As time goes by, listen About all this, I sometimes felt compelled to help my friend. My house was also not very wealthy, but when my son Partek grew up of some things, I would bring them to work for the children of my sister Melina. She always thanked me for that.

Later I also started lending Melina money. You didn’t ask for it directly. She started saying that she was missing something, like giving her mother some medicine or buying gifts for her nephews. They weren’t amazing amounts, fifty or a hundred zlotys, but they were important to me. After all, I earned quite a bit more than Melina and I have two children to support. But I tried to help her as much as I could, and I always gave her something.

She was returning the favor. First from the first salary, then from the next, for which she apologized very much, but made it clear that she had more expenses, because the rehabilitation of her brother costs a lot.

when I started to realize that maybe he was lying to me? One day I heard Milena say to a friend from another department that she always wanted a brother, but unfortunately this dream did not come true … “She has a brother?!” – It ran across my head. But then I thought maybe she was saying it in some context, and I only heard a snippet of conversation – maybe she’s always wanted an older brother, and she has a younger brother?

Enough to make me laugh

But soon there was another outcry when Melina mentioned that her mother had gone for a walk into the mountains. “How? With those bad legs after two operations?! After all, walking in the mountains is definitely not good for your knees ”- ran into my head. I was even more surprised when Melina told a friend that her mother works in a large company, allegedly in a management position. Previous stories showed that she had been on a starvation pension for a long time…

Melina’s colorful story about the fact that her sister went with her husband and children for a winter ski vacation turned out to be a drop that filled the cup of bitterness. This sister, abandoned by her husband, who sometimes has nothing to put in a vase, suddenly goes on vacation?! Milena told this story to the courier who brought the parcel to the company. He was standing in the hallway of our room and I just came and I heard every word of my girlfriend, even though she didn’t see me

This revelation affected me in a special way. And at the same time she was angry that a few days before she borrowed from Milena two hundred zlotys. It is assumed that for some reason the asthma medicine for one of the nephews is not reimbursed, and some, the cheapest, are not suitable for this boy …

“The two sisters can’t stand it,” she said in a painful voice, “her ex-husband pays her alimony as he wants.”

With this money, I was going to buy a gift for my son as a reward for my good performance in the math competition. But I thought that my child would live without another computer game, even if he dreamed of it, and that boy’s mother would be very useful. So I felt cheated twice.

Maybe I should tell Melina that I found out her lies, but… she gave up. I don’t want to sit in a room with a humiliating friend, and I know Melina would twist a cat’s tail anyway. I hope he will give me two hundred zlotys soon. The last money I lent her. Because I decided not to fall in love with her harrowing stories of family misfortunes anymore.

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