“We labored in exile like oxen to recover from poverty. After our return, the family treated us like a piggy bank” – taken from real life

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– Your parents, what do we do? It’s pure madness. We were queuing at the airport to check in with a one-way ticket to London.

– Don’t panic, we can make it, what do we have to lose? You know that it is impossible to live with your parents in this cramped environment. There is no chance of a good job and a normal life here – my husband explained to me your parents.

We worked hard from dawn to dusk

The beginnings were difficult. I thought I would never get used to it. Everything was very strange: the people, the city, the culture. Once I got lost in the city, I chose the wrong tube again and ended up somewhere on the other side of London.

I couldn’t ask for directions because I didn’t know the language yet. Fortunately, I met a Polish who helped me get back to our rented apartment. Your parents worked twelve hours or so on a construction site, and worked in a restaurant—first as a dishwasher, then as a waitress.

On my free Saturdays, I earned extra money by cleaning. In the evening we were tired – we didn’t even feel like talking to ourselves.

We lived in a three-room apartment with your parents’ friends. I’m tired of the crowds in the kitchen and the queue under the bathroom. We miss our family and friends who were left behind in Poland. We were relieved that we are saving a lot of pounds every month and will one day return to Poland, and thanks to the savings we will buy our apartment, we will start a business.

“These rich people brought such cheap toys”

We went on our first vacation after six months. We bought small gifts for the whole family and drove off on our first car.

You see, you’re doing so well, you’d have left some of those pounds for us, we’re too expensive, and there’s no work. My parents warned.

– Do you earn a lot? Sisters asked.

– In six days, from morning to evening, I get about 400-500 pounds, or about 2.5 thousand pounds. PLN – recognized.

– Jesus! How much money…” His brother-in-law groans, his eyes wide with envy. – And I’m short on fuel for the bolognese and the kids for the textbooks.

– If you want, you can come with us, know the electricity, some business will be found – my husband suggested.

– Eh, I’m an electrician! I don’t know the language, and if I didn’t find a good job, I wouldn’t clean the bathrooms – he said.

I was sorry when I unwittingly heard the sisters say: “These rich people, having brought dirty toys to the children, have been stingy with them, or cheat so that they earn well,” – they said to each other.

My brother wanted to borrow it for a wedding, and my sister wanted to borrow a car

We lived in England for three years. During that time, we twice hosted our teenage cousins ​​on vacation, although these visits were not at all suitable for us, because we had to take time off from work and there was more expense.

We refused for the third time, after your parents’ cousin got drunk during the last visit and cheated on our roommates. Then contact with the family was cut off for six months. Returning to Poland, we rented an apartment and bought a plot of land. We started building a house and my husband started his own construction company.

Therefore, it was necessary to purchase various machines, scaffolding and other things that were needed by builders.
Unfortunately, no one in the family wanted to understand that we had a lot of expenses related to construction and investments in the company. Parents expected us to help them because their pensions are low; The brother wanted to borrow for a wedding and the sister wanted a car. The worst of it was that it was a loan with no chance of getting back…

Despite our categorical refusal, our relatives did not bother us, and everyone was happy to invite and visit us. The same question is constantly asked at family gatherings.

– How is your company growing there, and will not take me to work? Brothers, brothers and cousins ​​said what will you employ strangers.

I was against it, because they were not specialists, but your parents decided to give Krzyszic’s son-in-law and brother Radek a chance. Unfortunately, after two months Radek went on sick leave, because he cut off his finger, and it is known that Krzysiek was late for work, he always came with a can of beer and left after five hours, completely drunk.

– And something you are very legal: are you the boss or the son-in-law? – He got angry when your parents pointed him out.

The worst thing was that equipment was constantly lost on the construction site: saws, drills, electric cables. One night, my husband hid at the construction site and saw Krzysiek pull
With some friends to the construction site. They came by bus and started filling the concrete mixer for it. The husband was angry and immediately called the police.

I’m sorry to disappoint in our loved ones

I tried to convince my husband to somehow sort it out, but he wouldn’t hear it. We started to quarrel, but when the siblings stood against us and started to defend Krzyszic, I decided to break up with them and cut off communications.

My close family now is my husband and my child, and I have to make sure that there is approval in this family. I am sorry that we are so disappointed with our relatives and that everyone considers us important and up-to-date.

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