Vladimir Solovyov: Kremlin journalist suggests using nuclear weapons

Vladimir Solovyov is standing like an officer with his hands folded behind his back in the middle of the red television studio. She has a certain style of dress. He usually wears a traditional button-down shirt and loose-fitting black pants. His black and gray hair was clipped. There were six men around him. Each of them is an expert in a particular field. Solovyov Interrupts, comments and ratings. Mainly according to your own taste. His view of the camera is raw, piercing and meaningful. At least that’s the impression you get.

Since 2010, Vladimir Solovyov has been the main presenter of the popular talk show “An Evening with Vladimir Solovyev”. He has been present on Russian TV for years and has been inciting Ukraine for years. against the West. against liberal values. He is considered Putin’s right hand in propaganda. But who is this man? And what does his program say about itself?

At first, there was no indication that Soloviev would be a propaganda journalist. Born in Moscow in 1963. First, he wanted to study at the Moscow University of Engineering and Physics. Because of his Jewish origin, he was not accepted (or so he claims). He finally graduated as a metallurgical engineer in Moscow. Then he completed his doctoral studies at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

Economy in the United States and lighting in discos

In the early 1990s, Soloviev left for the United States and taught economics at the University of Alabama for one semester. There he also took part in political activities, collecting funds and signatures for George Bush Sr. Two years later, he returned to Russia and became an entrepreneur. He led, inter alia, a company that produced lighting for disco clubs.

Sołowiow’s media career began in 1997 only on the radio. From the start, he focused on interviews and political talk shows. Two years later, he co-hosted with Alexander Gordon the talk show “Trial” on state television and at the same time The program “Soloviev Passion” in which he gave interviews to politicians and culture.

Solovyov worked as an announcer on the state television station “Rosega-1”, and he created himself a provocative “brand”, which is used to undermine the journalistic objectivity of Western journalists. To understand how he fights his opponents, just see an excerpt from this program:

Picture: YouTube screen

Vladimir Solovyev and experts

Russian military journalist Volodya, we are winning thanks to the military industry, training and, of course, the Russian spirit. Without them, you can’t get anywhere.

Its broadcasts target liberals. “Degenerate West”. His program is a battlefield.

– Explain himself.

It turns out that this is not true at first look at the program. Solovyov is troubled. he is angry. It provokes. He said in a recent radio interview that the use of a nuclear bomb against NATO should be considered.

Solovyov: Well, maybe it’s time for a response?

expert: that’s it.

The rest of the article is available under the video

Solovyov is radical. He openly supports fascism. As a journalist on state television in a country where millions have fallen victim to fascism. He recently recalled his 2013 film Mussolini: The Downfall, which he directed and narrated.

On Telegram, he shared a great review of the film, which confirmed that Mussolini was misrepresented in Russian society. There we read, “The Italian dictator was a brilliant man and showed the world the ‘third way’ which Russia is partly following today.” Soloviev’s filmography is very important, according to the reviewer, because so far in Russia it is not understood that Mussolini’s fascism and “deviant Nazism” are completely different things.

Ideology: a toolkit

Solovyov – controversial in the Russian media world – says what none of the Russian elite has the courage to say. He talks about fascism, National Socialism, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and their “positive sides”, for example criticizing the capabilities of Alexei Navalny’s leadership that are no match for those of Hitler.

Solovyov likes to discredit the so-called “enemies”, but on the other hand she often refers to justice and conscience. In interviews, he even dares to ask Putin uncomfortable questions. He presents himself as an anti-nationalist, but at the same time he considers himself a “Russian patriot”. Because of this adaptability, some people refer to them as “chameleons.” For Soloviev, ideology is a toolbox. He just uses it.

The same applies to his Jewish origin. When it suits him, he uses it effectively. He recently claimed that a Nazi plot against him had been thwarted.

Solovyov said on Russian state television:

Russians refer to the Ukrainians in this way, referring to the name of the Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera (1909-1959), who in the 1940s collaborated with the German occupiers for some time and was then interned by them in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Killed by KGB in Munich in 1959, Solovyov stated that he would not meet the perpetrators who had been imprisoned since. However, he would be interested in talking to the director. He meant Volodymyr Zelensky.

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