Up to three times the art, i.e. Shadow Warrior in person – CD

Yes, I was very disappointed in the first part, and I consider “Monday” to be one of my biggest disappointments. I also feel compelled to add that I love old school FPS games and goofy titles and focus my commitment on one activity – turning countless enemies into land.

first job

In theory it’s a cliché, and in practice it’s a hard art, because you have to build it all with reasonable mechanics, pick a fan of handguns, enforce the right game pace and pay attention to proper differentiation – both in spots and opponents. And if we wear it with the right clothes and don’t forget the complementary notes, there’s a chance that all the poses will jump into place, start cooperating and take us to a crazy dance of death.

shadow warrior

Shadow Warrior 2013 has theoretically had it all, so where did my career come from? Lo Wang’s first adventure failed for a number of reasons. First of all – why was it secretly so long? Linear panels made of repetitive motifs were endless, and the slack was accompanied by an uninteresting level design. The first eastern episode somehow defended itself, but then the game was even worse – after all, how many containers can you collect in a dirty port? The fight, yes, was very interesting, but here, in turn, was the rhythm of the need to sniff out first-aid kits, packs of ammunition and cash. Searching a million lockers is a perfect way to kill the good pace of gameplay. Was it really impossible to so shamelessly throw all this in the middle of the arena?

The second disappointment

The second part tried to fix the aforementioned bugs – most useful things fell from earthly demons, tasks were shortened – but by breaking the linear shooter formula, the creators dumped the baby with the bath water. It’s no longer a poor fake for Serious Sam, this time she’s got the lousy Borderlands. The main missions were enriched with side missions that supposedly covered some fantasy rags, but it all turns into a bloody husk anyway, so why this breeding of entities above the need?

Shadow Warrior 2

Shadow Warrior 2

Occam’s blade principle can also be used in the game’s loot theme, flooding me with dozens of dual guns and hundreds of upgrades to the same thing. As if my head does not hurt from the sanctuary, but I am angry at the constant gathering and I really don’t like playing mule, especially in trivia shooting games. And these Biedamaps – open and somewhat haphazardly from ready-made items, but are thus wonderfully cute and merging into one. Basically, Shadow Warrior 2 isn’t an ugly game, but apart from the central hub, I didn’t see anywhere in it that I remember a week after the campaign ended.

New surface, another hand

Which is why I was completely indifferent to the “three”, and since I didn’t follow the pre-premiere ads, I also didn’t know what to expect. I was relieved to be back in the linear stages, this time short, compact and really well designed. I soon made friends with Lo Wang, who was strewn on one-liners more attractive than ever. I was glad that the overgrown and overgrown trees were cut down to the minimum necessaryThat I still feel some progress, but I won’t be crushed by a crap that I won’t find time to use or check out. It was fun to play with the new ways of navigating through space, although I also think all of these healthy paths were oversimplified and popped up a lot, distracting me from the body.

I sprinkle ashes on my head because I couldn’t believe it would work the third time.

The game’s arena-like nature and cascading obstacle courses immediately reminded me of the last Doom, and although of course it’s Doom for the Poor, it turns out to be a source of engaging gameplay and very satisfying skirmishes. The zoo itself did incomparably better. In the ancestors, the monsters did not beat me: in the “one” the demons were not diverse enough, in the “two” they added some damning mechanisms, besides, in both cases the cannonball seemed to me very dangerous in terms of mocking style of the game. Shadow Warrior 3 eliminated previous pets and served up new ones designed for great play and distance.

Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3

Have a look at the thought economy to get resources from demons (again Eternal Arcs), these cool bloody finishing touches and using an item ripping from the bowels of the opponent, for example as a frozen bomb, or using his weapons (giant digging bases). Ah, how convenient, how compatible. Definitely It’s not a perfect game, but unlike its disappointing predecessors, it turned out to be a very positive surprise.. Dynamic, colorful, silly, and short enough that it didn’t confuse me by repeating it. I sprinkle ashes on my head because I couldn’t believe it would work the third time. But it was a surprise. So what, gentlemen, are the “fours”? Or maybe it’s hard to reset 2? I like to play like crazy.

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