Trench coat: everything you need to know about the most stylish coats of all time

beige or color; Calf length or bathrobe length. Forever and for any occasion. Trench coat is the best investment not only in the spring.

About the trench coat in the salon

I don’t remember who his show was, but looking at the guests, I had the impression that I just hadn’t received the instructions for the dress ordered for this evening. Almost all of them were wearing beige trench coats. It was like a Pink Panther fan convention – regardless of gender, just about everyone looked like Inspector Clouseau. I looked up at the sky. It will not rain. Did these people have better weather apps than me? I looked at my black woolen coat, which I had pressed easily for the second winter in a row. Well, without a doubt – and no matter the weather – everyone around me was more elegant than me. At a certain age, a trench coat is one of the things that prove your adulthood, as is the right handbag or perfume. Can I write this text without referring to concepts like wardrobe classics? Mostly not. What’s more, I can’t do it when Net-a-Porter’s fashion director Lisa Aiken enthusiastically points out the sheer importance of these classics.

“There’s not a lot of clothing I would call an investment. A trench coat is one of them. It’s a real gem—comfortable yet never boring, tight, but rarely formal. Few fashion items have so many uses,” he says.

Furthermore, women often desire things that will stand the test of time, which is why they make purchases after the season is over. The designers themselves blur the lines between the traditional seasons associated with the seasons. So if you’re on the hunt for something forever or just looking for something for every occasion, opt for a raincoat. For essential tips on how to achieve serenity with the perfect trench coat, turn to Jo Ellison, Financial Times fashion director. She is one of those women who can be portrayed in any important show. He always wears the right coat. No, not the same thing. He has many of them. It’s very likely that all of these shows will be held just so that Jo Ellison can show off her collection of trench coats. In an interview, she admitted that she recently expanded it with another one: Prada’s chestnut brown leather coat (she says it’s something to eat).

Trench Coat: Beige isn’t everything

A light beige trench coat is a must. It’s like a big, neutral blanket you can throw over just about anything, she continues. Dilutes black and dark blue, looks good in gray, and can be elegant when combined with something brighter. Jo Ellison recommends paying attention to the fabric – it doesn’t have to be stiff or heavy. Otherwise, in a coat of this material, you can look like a detective. Sometimes styling with a trench coat in the main role is risky because of its length. This is different, but it is always in a straight line. Flat shoes, such as moccasins or shiny shoes, look much better with Jodhpur boots or ankle boots – in such a combination, the silhouette often loses its dimension, is visually shortened, and even overwhelms the coat. Again, comparisons with a detective may emerge. Sometimes I carelessly lay the trench on my back. I often tie it with a belt. Ellison is right about the importance of a straight line here.

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The coats I’ve been so envious of others lately have had one thing in common – they’ve been long. Or even longer and definitely a lot longer than the ones in my wardrobe. The only one I own – which is from Burberry – ends at mid-thigh…and despite my feeling of style and elegance when I wore it, I never once looked like an adult. Exactly, it’s about length. My trench coat is a suggestion for beginners, almost adults. This year, if your coat’s straight lines aren’t mid-calf or even ankle, you’ll be staring with envy at all the celebs, celebrities, and hosts cruising around town in these styles. Yes, they have something they lack. Approximately one meter of additional material, thanks to which you can lengthen your beloved coat. I’m not kidding – we love the oversized version with a longer version than usual. “It creates a modern look” – Lisa Aiken confirms, comparing the sheer Miu Miu trench coat and the classic beige Gucci with a raincoat with floral motifs. According to her, these are products that will quickly sell out in the near future.

This trend was promoted and reinforced by those who know how to wear clothes from great designers, not only on the catwalks, but most of all every day. At the same time, it has been accepted and taken over by influential experts and opinion makers. They have these things in their lockers. Leandra Medine — writer, blogger, and author of the Man Repeller site on fashion and lifestyle — wears a Michael Lo Sordo silk-satin trench coat, almost to the ankle, without any special occasions. This seemingly exclusive look has proven to be very popular. These arguments appeal to me – and I am a person several centimeters, if not several centimeters, smaller than the average model. So does Lindra Maiden. If her petite, low-cut silhouette looks great in a long coat, maybe others can also rock the style in such a version? I asked Lisa Aiken if she had any tips for designing a coat for shorter people. “Don’t worry about your size and whether you’re short or tall. A trench coat is designed to cover your entire body, like the head” confirms me. “Add something sporty to the look, like a hoodie. Or try the bold combination with shoes in a striking color: white or red.”

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In fact, some of the most elegant women in the world wear a hoodie under their trench coat. Of course, the hood stands out bravely from behind the collar. Seems to me a clever way to dilute the coat’s formal dimension, as well as a successful attempt to break with its military connotations. surprised? The first versions of the trench coat were born around 1850. To this day, two respected brands, Aquascutum and Burberry, owe their introduction to the world of fashion, although it was originally meant to be a substitute for the outerwear worn by British and French soldiers during World War II. First. It’s the strength and weakness of a trench coat that hasn’t changed much over the years. In fact, all its forms, regardless of color, length, cut and what are combined, give a very similar effect. Its strength lies in the classic and timeless look. In turn, the flaws stem from the fact that you have to wear it the right way to make it original and cool today. It all depends on the creativity and courage of the owner. When a coat is a universal element of clothing, a suitable hood, shoes or bag becomes a necessary accessory.

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Where to buy the perfect trench coat?

After a dozen tries in different stores and many wasted hours online, I finally found my prince at Marks & Spencer. In fact, I saw it on Instagram first. Fortunately, the owner has put a mark on the brand. It was an autograph company. Not only is this coat intimidating—sorry, a bad word—and long enough, it also has just the right shade of beige. As a bonus: water-resistant thanks to patented Stormwear technology. So does the ideal exist? Yes sure. Creative people create projects that fundamentally affect our imagination. Marni showed off a denim, stretch Wanda nylon, and pink Valentino leather (oh no no!) coat. More practical brands are offering models that can be walked on every day. In addition to the mentioned type from Marks & Spencer, find your own at places like Topshop, Asos and Zara. In fact, I don’t remember a season when trench coats were so plentiful. Perhaps that’s why the last word should belong to Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry and now VP of Retail at Apple, who (what else…) wore pink when giving a speech about a new strategy at Apple Inc. . Burberry trench coat. It was she who said dreamily:Everyone in the world should have a raincoat. Believe it or not, this will probably be the season.

Article from ELLE magazine, April 2018

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