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It is the 66th day of the war in Ukraine. Severe collisions over the Donbass are still ongoing. We provide war-related information throughout the day.

the time. 8.35 am – The US administration and Joe Biden hesitated about what to do with the G-20 summit that Vladimir Putin is expected to arrive at.

US President Joe Biden and his advisers are still discussing how to participate in the G-20 summit in November that Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend, according to CNN.

Before the recent events of the G-20, Joe Biden said that Russia should be excluded from this coordination, and officials from the United States and several other Western countries boycotted the events in which Russian representatives are participating. Attempts are also being made to hold talks with Indonesia, which chairs the formula this year, in order to condemn the Russian war there more forcefully. In a recent comment, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said it was too early to predict what the summit would look like, and Biden made it clear that she opposed Putin’s attendance.

Officials say they are unlikely to make decisions in the near future and are still debating whether or not to turn west even though Putin will come and abdicate key roles for Russia and China.

the time. 8.20 – Head of the Lugansk Regional Administration Sarhi Heidi reported that 20 apartment buildings and two schools were destroyed in the April 29 bombing.

the time. 8.15 – Photo of 76-year-old Volodymyr Tikonov opening his bullet-riddled garage door in Zahaltsy, Ukraine.

the time. 8.10 – the border guards provide data from the border crossings between Poland and Ukraine.

the time. May 8 – Head of the Regional Council, Nikolai Lukasuk, said that Russian occupiers bombed real estate in the Dnipropetrovsk region, information about casualties and destruction is clarified.

The night was quiet in the neighborhood. And in the morning they received a “hello” from the occupiers: the enemy was bombing the outskirts of Wilka Kostroma at the Kryvyi Rih circuit. Donetsk states. He wrote on the Telegram channel on Saturday that the information regarding damages and losses was clarified.

the time. 7.50 – the Russians transfer units from the Belgorod region to the Isyom region. The Ukrainian General Staff reported that the enemy was concentrating its main efforts on maintaining its position and attacking the Ukrainian forces.

The enemy carries out air and missile attacks and bombards artillery targets in the depths of Ukraine and the positions of our forces on the line of contact and in the border areas. Regrouping and strengthening of Russian forces is underway. In the Volhynia directions, the enemy did not take any actual actions, and the situation did not change. In the northern direction, the Russians bombarded the positions of Ukrainian troops in the settlements of Kindrativka, Kateryniwka, Swarkowe and Bilokopytowe.

Russian units tried to attack Solizhevka and Duzhinka, but to no avail. In order to cover groups of their forces in the Kharkiv and Izyum directions, the enemy is trying to deploy air defense forces and means. In the eastern area of ​​operations, the enemy continues to advance to Zeman (in the regions of Gambel, Ozern and Szyman), Severodonetsk, where it is trying to complete the capture of Rubichny, Popasnysky (in the direction of Kalino and Popasna), Kuracov (Olinyuka) and Nowomychajłowka). There is no success, the fighting continues. The artillery bombardment of our units continued towards Zaporizhia.

There was no active enemy attack in the Southern Bug area, there were single shots on our positions. There are no significant changes in the direction of Bessarabia.

In the direction of Nikolaev, the enemy intensified aerial reconnaissance on the operational depth of the defensive positions of the ZSU, possibly in order to reveal the existence and nature of the operations of the reserves. The armed forces hit 10 air targets: one aircraft and nine Orlan-10 operational and tactical drones.

14 enemy attacks were repulsed in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Eleven tanks, seven artillery systems, twenty-eight armored vehicles and fourteen vehicles were destroyed.

the time. 7.41 – Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Mayuska said that diplomatic protection will not help Russians guilty of war crimes in Ukraine, but about their arrest – said on national radio Svoboda.

Details: the minister is convinced that Ukraine has sufficient evidence of Russian military crimes and crimes of aggression and “under certain conditions, the crime of genocide can also be proven.”

Ukrainian national courts and international bodies can pass judgments against the Russian military and the Russian leadership. These include the International Criminal Court, a court recently established by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and other courts.

the time. 7.30 – Heavy fighting takes place in eastern Ukraine. Russian forces want to control Donbass. However, all indications are that the offensive, which has been going on for several days, will not go as planned by the Russians.

Over the past 24 hours, the Ukrainians repelled 14 Russian attacks, incurring heavy losses. The Ukrainian army also admits losses, but they are supposed to be less than the enemy.

Donbass is a region in eastern Ukraine near the border with Russia. In 2014, after the annexation of Crimea, self-proclaimed pro-Russian republics were created there. Before the recent invasion of Russia, President Vladimir Putin decided that Moscow would recognize the breakaway republics.
The Russians attacked the Donbas River after they failed to capture Kyiv and occupy all of Ukraine. Now they want to control eastern and southern Ukraine.

the time. 7.10 – film from the trenches of Ukrainian soldiers.

the time. 7.10 – Russian occupation of the Kharkiv region.

the time. 7.05 – Scope of the Victory Parade in Moscow On May 9 it will be reduced. Instead of 191 military vehicles, only 129 military equipment will be involved in 2021. The number of participants will be reduced from 12,000 to 10,000.

the time. 7.00 – In the past four days, NATO fighters have been salvaged several times with Russian planes appearing near the alliance’s airspace. Machines from many countries, including Poland, took part in the work, informed the headquarters.

“This collective operation demonstrates NATO’s readiness, vigilance and responsiveness,” the statement said. Since April 26, joint air operations centers have repeatedly picked up fighters from Poland, Denmark, France and Spain to guard the skies over the Baltic Sea, while pilots from Romania and Great Britain have carried out operations over the Black Sea.

NATO radars have spotted many unidentified aircraft near the alliance’s airspace. This time it was not breached. Headquarters stressed that Russian planes pose a threat because they often disable onboard transponders, do not report flight plans and do not maintain communication with controllers. “NATO fighters are operating around the clock and are ready to take off on suspicious flights to ensure the safety of allies,” the statement said.

the time. 7.00 – In an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, expressed the opinion that Moscow does not believe that it is at war with NATO, according to the head of the Kremlin. Diplomat, NATO is convinced that it is at war with Russia.

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Russia does not threaten to use nuclear weapons, and added that it is the Western media that exaggerate this issue.

the time. 7.00 – German Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) called for former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to be deprived of state support because of his trade relations with Russia.

– Former representatives in high positions, who clearly stand on the side of criminal governments, cannot count on state support. I can not imagine that the taxpayers provide him with an office – said the politician.

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