The stars of Polish reality shows died prematurely. Some in mysterious circumstances

  • Janusz Dzięcioł was Poland’s first “Big Brother” award winner. In 2019, he tragically died in an accident
  • Woodpecker was not the only participant in the first version of this program who left prematurely
  • Two of the participants in the first edition of the “Bar” program also died in tragic and mysterious circumstances
  • In 2013, Cesare Mushik, the star of the documentary series “Song of Erotic Color”, passed away.
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It all started with “Big Brother” by TVN. In the spring of 2001, 15 people voluntarily allowed themselves to reside in a house in Sokocin, Warsaw. A few months later, other Polsat channels were launched, where participants were monitored 24 hours a day. Few people managed to achieve a career, but for most people it was just a moment in the spotlight.

Anna Baranowska moved to the house of the older brother in the first Polish version of the program “Big Brother”. I left him after only two weeks. When I left, I mentioned that viewers will remember two people from the show: the one who gets out first and the one who gets out last. Unfortunately, participation in the program did not bring Baranowska fame. She returned to Lublin, but did not find a permanent job.

Anna Baranoska, 2001Anna Baranoska, 2001 – Niemiec / AKPA

Six years after Big Brother, she was found dead in her apartment. The circumstances of her death raise speculation to this day, because Baranowska had to trust her daughter the day before she was assaulted and beaten, but she decided not to go to the doctor for an examination, even though she showed signs of beating. on her head. It was also said that she died as a result of alcohol poisoning, but this is only speculation. She was 44 years old.

Janusz Dzięcioł also participated in the first Polish version of the show “Big Brother” and was awarded a prize of 500,000 zlotys. “I went out and was constantly watching, is there a camera somewhere, is someone watching me” He spoke in an interview with “Newsweek”. As he himself admitted, after leaving the house of the older brother, stress affected him, causing a slight stroke. Prior to the programme, Dzięcioł worked as a city guard in Świecie, then chose politics and became a chancellor at Grudziądz, then a member of the Chamber of Deputies.

Janusz Dzinchu, 2001Janusz Dzinchu, 2001 – Niemiec / AKPA

In 2019, Janusz Dzięcioł died in an accident at a railway crossing in Biały Bór, where he lived. According to the results of the investigation, he did not give way to the train that was passing there. At the time of his death, he was 66 years old.

Joseph Worshaw was a participant in Big Brother who was removed from the show without being nominated. This wasn’t the first time this had happened Earlier, Ireneusz Grzegorczyk, who was having a nervous breakdown on the show, was removed, But certainly the most brutal. Warchoł attacked another participant.

Joseph Warshaw, 2015Joseph Warshaw, 2015 – YouTube / StudioGdańskTV

The former boxer from Koszalin participated in the fifth edition of the program. During his stay in confinement, he became famous for his aggressive inclination, he hit one of the participants and chased him around the house, and later destroyed the door to one of the rooms. It was removed from the program by security. Later, on the live program, he explained the whole situation with a stress that was supposed to accumulate in him for many days.

After leaving the program, Warchoł tried his hand at MMA fights, and then became a coach at Fight Club Koszalin. He died on September 8, 2015 as a result of coagulation problems. He was 51 years old.

When “Big Brother” isolated its participants from the public for several weeks, the Polsat “Bar” program worked in a completely different way. The participants worked in one of the buildings in Wroclaw, communicating with people every evening. Live liquidations were also carried out with the participation of the public. The program was attended by, among others Dorota “Doda” Rabczewska, Iwona Guzowska, Jarosław Jakimowicz and Maja Frykowska.

The first edition of “Bar” featured Roman Zyvchik, a young 21-year-old novice poet. He was one of 16 players but gave up any other participation before the elimination that took place during the so-called hot chairs. He did not use the fame he gained on the show like other participants. Instead, he struggled with the problems that led him to attempt suicide. On New Year’s Eve in 2004, Roman Zivchik committed suicide by pouring gasoline on himself and setting himself on fire. He died two days later.

Another participant in “Bar”, Marian Majowski, also ended his life prematurely. The ex-miner and security guard from Rybnik also appeared in the first version of the program. He climbed very high and took third place, right behind singer Grzegorz Markocki (who got married during the program with one of the participants, Izabela Kowalczyk) and the first edition winner, Adrian Urban.

On March 26, 2011, Majewski’s body was found on railway tracks in Pardubice, Czech Republic. The man was 34 years old at the time of his death. So far, it has not been determined what put it on the tracks. Unofficially, it was said that he could take his life, but for the Czech police, the most likely version was that he tried to cross the track in a prohibited place.

The documentary series “Song with a Slight Erotic Touch” was a huge hit with Polish TV at a time when producers were only developing programming formats about young people seeking fame. Now, tight-fitting participants from reality shows have become a common occurrence, and in the past such views sparked controversy and major protests. By the decision of the National Broadcasting Board, the producers had to pay 10,000 PLN. PLN Fine for broadcasting “Ballady…” by 22.00.

Cesare Mochik, 2004Cesare Mończyk, 2004 – Andrei Zranicki / PAP

One of the heroes of this production, Cezary Mończyk, was a brilliant TV personality, owner of a modeling agency, organizing erotic lingerie shows. He was always surrounded by a wreath of young women, and was nicknamed “Polish Larry Flint”. After the program was broadcast, Muzik disappeared from the media, but he did not stop his activities. He organized pole dance shows, striptease parties and Sado-Maso parties.

Cesari Muşek died in 2013 while on a secluded vacation in Turkey. It was found in the hotel bathroom. Everything indicates that he collapsed in the shower. As his son Tomasz admitted, Mończyk had both heart problems and an implanted pacemaker. The cause of death was a heart attack.

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