The GetBack Affair directed by Siloster Latkowski at its premiere

Latkovsky began shooting his own movie. “All scams are allowed. GetBack issue” In the middle of last year and everything indicated that it will premiere on TVP (just like the previous two documentaries). Now – as we indicated – the film is ready: the journalist has already finished editing and knows that the final version of the document is 114 minutes long. When and where will he show it? – This is a difficult question because my film is important and uncomfortable for many. In the next few days, it is likely that the venue and date of the premiere will turn out – says Selwister Latkowski in an interview with He also posted similar content on his website.

No release date

Our findings show that there is no final decision on whether and when Latkowski’s material will be shown by Telewizja Polska, although we wrote in July 2021 that the public broadcaster was involved in making the film, and it was tentatively scheduled for release in September of that year. the past . Then TVP Info presented the first trailers for the production. – Jacek Kurski recently became interested in the project “All Reservations Allowed. The GetBack Case”. To my surprise, he “entered production” and agreed that I would feel comfortable not being censored, as in previous projects. I know what is said about the head of TVP, but Korsky is not watching me – Sylwister Latkovsky told us then.

Will the production finally be shown by TVP? Perhaps yes, although the date has not yet been mentioned, everything will appear after approval – our sources say on TVP. It mainly concerns the thematic content of the materials prepared by Latkowski.

Latkowski on the media: Bankers serve them

Meanwhile, Sylwester Latkowski posted on YouTube an eight-minute film in which he talks about behind the scenes while filming the production. says a lot about lesek czarnicki, The main character in his document. Presenting the Wrocław skyscraper built by Czarnecki, the journalist refers to it as “a monument to the banker who always wanted bigger and taller.”

“Friends of the banker say he handles the pools.” He had statements like that, sometimes sexist. Some people want the tallest and tallest building, and if they can’t, they at least own the tallest building in Wroclaw – comments the film’s author.

In the material, Latkowski mainly talks about the difficulties in accessing witnesses and material related to the already completed film. He also talks about the media that – in his opinion – were supposed to impede his work, and the victims of the scandal – to reach the truth and justice.

– Journalists began sending them. It was the journalists who frightened the main leaders of the victims. Now they are also in combat. I heard about a journalist from a famous press and a TV and radio station. Is it really the media, we are from this, For the use of bankers? – asks Latkovsky.

The plot continues for the remainder of the movie. – Some behind a large TV station and a large newspaper. Request: Leave these victims alone. There were only a few of them, and we managed to torture them. I think this is not the purpose of the media to intimidate journalists and victims – as Sylwester Latkowski says in front of the camera.

When asked what media and journalists he meant, the author answered: – I’m not talking about it, everyone knows who it is. These journalists defend strong personalities at work, and then the victims turn out to be completely insignificant. These journalists know who we are talking about.

What is the subject of the GetBack scandal?

The GetBack case is one of the biggest financial scandals in Poland. In the spring of 2018, the stock exchange suspended trading in the shares of this debt collector when it was known that it had financial problems resulting from, inter alia: the issuance of bonds of about PLN 2.5 billion. Since mid-2018, the former head of the company Konrad K. has been in custody, and charges have been brought against dozens of other former directors of GetBack and its collaborating companies, including the sale of bonds of his Idea Bank.

There are approximately 10,000 individual creditors, and several hundred institutional creditors. – I’ve been looking into the case from the start. I’ve been working on a movie and book with the same title for over a year. this is important. Filming and work on the book have been going on for a long time, Latkovsky comments.

Latkowski has already filmed for TVP

In January 2021, TVP showed Latkovsky a film about another high-profile financial scandal related to Amber Gold. And in this case, TVP worked closely with the author, and Latkovsky also assured that he had complete freedom in the production and that Polish TV did not interfere with the material at any stage.

In turn, in May 2020, TVP1 broadcast another document by Latkovsky, “Nothing happened” about child sexual abuse in the celebrity community. The author announces that the second part is also being created. This production was watched on TVP1 with an average of 2.71 million viewers. The discussion, which was broadcast right after the end of the report, was broadcast to 1.89 million people

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