“Ślicznotka” will be shot with a galaxy of stars in Michałów and Białystok

Podlasie creates an enchanting scene in many films. Places, landscapes, and people are attracting more filmmakers. In April, the shooting of a new film “Ślicznotka” will begin in Michalów and Białystok.

picture: press material

“Ślicznotka” is a feature film directed by Dominic Matwijczyk. The first slap on set will take place on April 28 in Michao.

On Sunday (March 6), a press conference was held in Mizhou, during which the filmmakers revealed some details of this production.

– It will be a film about love, acceptance and the struggle for dreams and values, and about politics from a local perspective – the conference began Anna Kubiu-Teszkiewicz, the film’s spokeswoman.

– This is my first movie, but I hope it won’t be the last. I managed to convince a lot of people to implement it. Including Mayor Marek Nazarko, so we can make our dream come true – said the film’s producer and co-writer Krzysztof Bałtyk.

The film takes place in a small town in eastern Poland. As emphasized by the conference participants, this film will change the stereotype of Podlasie, showing the area as a modern place, a green and ecological city. The population will appear as progressive and at the same time very human. One wants power and money, another makes plans for long trips, another wants even temporary passion, and another struggles with acceptance and a normal life. We learn about their stories during the annual festival during which the city’s Miss Universe is elected. The scenario of the event is strictly and according to a predetermined scenario prepared by the mayor, who will run for another term in the local elections. The situation becomes even more complicated when unexpectedly comes to the competition a candidate who apparently has no chance of winning.

Well-known artists of the big and small screens will take part in the film “Ślicznotka”. Among them: Cesary Bazora (as the narrator), Joanna Korowska, Dagmara Kaumierczak, Piotr Zelt, Wakasz Rybarsky, Peta Rybarska and Anastazga Hevko from Ukraine. Actors of the Białystok scenes will be played by: Biaa Czczywska, Marek Teszkowicz, Pyotr Zykowski and Agnieszka Moوشيiko Zykovska from the Węgierki Dramatic Theater in Biaystok as well as Adam Zieleniecki and Krzysztof Pilat from Białystok Puppet Theatre.

The film’s scenes will be shot in the Town Hall in Michałów, in the amphitheater, on the beach in Bondary, at the school in Michałów. The cast will be complemented by the residents of Michałów, such as the owner of a local shop.

We always show that we are an open community for everyone. I invite everyone, and thanks to this production, others will also host Michałowo. Each ad campaign ends at some point and the movie will continue. Such a film can be called an endless advertising campaign. Also the inscription MICHAOWO, which we previously thought symbolized the Hollywood Podlasie, was associated with the theater school and the campaign with the first disco-polo school in Poland, and now it brings additional benefits, additional effects, which is what the producers of the film became interested in. Mayor of Michau, Marek Nazarko, said I have high expectations for this movie, but I hope it has a happy ending.

– Yes, Krzysztof Bałtyk said that the film takes place in Michałów, but there is also a great excuse in the film to work in Biaystok. I think Bialystok will do well in this movie, said Marek Tiskevich.

– It will be a fun adventure, but the view of the cities and Podlasie will be a surprise – Krzysztof Bałtyk confirmed.

The movie is supposed to change the way Podlasie is seen.

– And what you will see in the film, Marek Nazarko promised that he will do it in the municipality – added producer Krzysztof Patek, laughing.

– I will play Vice Mayor Michau, a black robot who turns out to be in love with a woman platonicly – Marek Teskewicz revealed the details. – Everyone thinks he’s lame, because he lives alone, and then this guy turns out to be so warm and dignified that he can control the whole community of activists and politicians in jury deliberations and he’s not a follower at all, the whole movie scolds him and makes fun of him, and has a contribution Too big in the ultimate fulfillment of the title’s beauty.

– A few months ago I got acquainted with the film, it started with conversations, I met Krzysztof Bałtyk and at some point I got an offer to play the title Beauty, and in fact, my participation will start when the first slap on the set is shooting. This is the first movie I will play. I have experience with soap operas and I will see how it differs. I can’t fully reveal what sets my character apart, but the challenge seems interesting to me, so I’m looking forward to this job. Beauty looks a bit skewed here and you shouldn’t just look at the superficial – Beata Chyczewska emphasized the title “Beauty”.

– My character with the mysterious nickname “Gypsy” is a local businessman, who comes from a local company and promotes local girls. Of course, the gypsies pressure their candidate by all means, using cultural arguments, or at least handicrafts. I hope this kind of dark star will provide me with entertainment in this role – said Piotr Szekowski.

In addition to professional actors, the film also features well-known people from nightclubs, a well-known scammer who will play the role of Michao residents.

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