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The leader of the PGE Ekstraliga will come to Motoarena, weakened by the lack of Dominic Kubera, and although he is impressed with his behavior so far, without his “Joker” he will have a very difficult journey with the hosts. They have never won against Motors on this track.

Tomas Janiszewski

Bowie Przyzbinsky and Jack Holder at the helm

WP SportoweFakty / Michał Szmyd / Pictured: Paweł Przedpełski and Jack Holder on the head

He lay in a difficult pre-season situation, even more scarred after the third round match of the PGE Extraliga. Motor Lublin is experiencing his best time in club history, he started this season with three wins and topped the position, but he will start the next game, severely weak. About Grigory Łaguta (for him an alternate player is used) is slowly forgotten, but Dominik Kubera’s fall and injury in a well-functioning machine is a serious loss.

“Joker” on deck Jacek Ziółkowski and Maciej Kuciapa ruled out health problems from participating in the meeting in Toruń after a terrible fall at the previous meeting against the citizens of Grudziądz. Fractures were suspected, but they ended up with bruises, but it’s too soon for Kubera to be ready to ride that line. Thursday is officially Auto Coach reported it to Speedway + At the station Canal + Sport 5.

And so the engine lost a very important link in the tactical puzzle. In the absence of the Russian mentioned in the foreground, the residents of Lublin used the Cobra in an additional path, besides, it changed from the reserve found in the Mateusz Todzis lineup. Anyway, this player also sustained an injury in the Extraliga U-24 competition on Tuesday. This made Fraser Bowes appear on Sunday’s Backgammon Team Leader.

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However, it will be difficult to see the Australian in action, because the last goat is still a great young man. Wiktor Lampart and Mateusz Cierniak are very effective this season and you can count on them. Faced with employment issues, you can be sure that both will get more opportunities than usual. Aside from the fact that they are fatally impressive in junior races (already eight 5:1 victories in a row!), they can beat their top competitors, which is always of great importance to match results.

For Nature Solutions, Apator Toruń was one step closer to winning in Gorzów, where, by the way, Motor has already won this year. The team presented itself much better than at the inauguration in Wroclaw, but ultimately lacked strength. Inside, the residents of Toru hope to win with everyone, and even more so with such a weak competitor, who has not yet lost at Motoarena (Lublin’s team won in 2019-53:37, and in 2021-46:44 – editor).

The guests are still dangerous, they have, among other things, the formidable Maxim Drapik recently, but if the Angels could not take advantage of the many problems of their rival, and Jaroslav Humpel performed well below expectations, then their situation would become uncomfortable.

Before the two teams leave for the track, in Toru they will closely follow Saturday’s events from Croatia, where the first round of this year’s Grand Prix session will take place. The Apator has an average of four competitors in the Gorican, while the Motor has only one. Then everyone will have to travel from southern Europe, which is 1,000 kilometers long.

Recommended lineups:

Motor Lublin
1. Jaroslav Humble
2. Freezer Bowes
3. Maxim Drabeck
4. Z / Z
5. Mikel Michaelsen
6. Victor Lamparte
7. Matthews Cerniak

Nature Solutions Apator Toruń
9. Robert Lambert
10. Patrick Doddick
11. Jack Holder
12. Z / Z
13. Bowie Przydbinski
14. Karol Zubinski
15th. Krzysztof Lewandowski

Match start: the time. 19:15
Judge: Krzysztof Mizzi
path host: Paweł Stangret

Weather forecast for Sunday (year):
Temperature: 15°C
Rain: 0 mm
Wind speed: 7 km/h

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