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Everyone knows at least the title of the book “Pride and Prejudice”. Meanwhile, Roman Sorochinsky describes “pride and suspicion.”

Honestly, I haven’t read any Jane Austen book yet, though – like everyone else – I know the title pride and prejudice; Instead, I read Agatha Christie’s crime novels. So when was the book announced? Pride and Doubt As a feminist version of a Jane Austen classic not just for teens, with an Agatha Christie-style crime mystery and plenty of humor, I took a look at this story. And then… I couldn’t tear myself apart.

author, lot price, took readers to England in the nineteenth century. Energetic and intelligent, Elizabeth Bennet, daughter of the owner of Longbourn & Sons, learns of a high-society murder scandal. She decided to act: she wanted to become a lawyer and believed that this case would be an opportunity to prove to her father and to the entire Puritan community that this was her profession. So he decided to solve the case and restore justice, proving at the same time that in a world dominated by pompous men, women can also mean something. It turns out that the accused Mr. Bingley actually has a lawyer: Fitzwilliam Darcy, the arrogant young heir to the prestigious law firm Pemberley & Company. Lizzie is determined to solve the murder case before Darcy. However, the dangerous killer is still at large, so when things get tough, Lizzie and Darcy will have to work together to avoid further casualties.

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lot price He is the author of the series Jane Austen Murder MysteryTo which – no matter which is discussed Pride and Doubt – Include: Not yet published in Poland Second degree murder and planned in 2023, Manslauter Park. She grew up on a farm in Michigan reading every book she could get her hands on. It did not stem from her love of literature. She graduated in Creative Writing for Children and Teens from Vermont College of Fine Arts and was a bookseller and librarian. She is currently an editor at Book Riot.

The author states that she tried in her book to clarify the etiquette and customs of the early nineteenth century. At the same time, it reminds us that the heroine’s dream…

…the exercise of her profession as a solicitor–or at least a solicitor–remained out of her reach until 1878, when a woman graduated in law for the first time in England. It wasn’t until 1922 that the first four women passed the Law Society entrance examination for the legal profession.

So we have a great opportunity to celebrate…the centenary of a woman’s great success! However, is the status of women in question anywhere? I have many doubts in this regard!

Therefore, with great interest, and sometimes with amusement, I read this highly addictive and suspenseful book. It was written in light, fun language, and some of the dialogues or situations made the writer laugh out loud! Of course, I remembered that the core of the novel was solving a criminal mystery, but it’s not a typical racist crime story. I would like to treat this book to the category of man-made novels, which – ironically – is his great credit.

I am waiting for the Polish editions of the upcoming books lot priceThe rettelling is interesting – Pride and Doubt I recommend it to everyone who reads [i nie czytali] Jane Austen and Agatha Christie Novels. And I will reveal a secret myself: I will reimburse my reading arrears to the first of these authors!

  • lot priceAnd Pride and Doubt
  • Translation: Regina Musica
  • Lead Editor: Maria Mazorovska
  • Editors: Verbal grannies
  • Modify: Maria Mazorovska
  • Technical Editor: Marius Teller
  • Cover development: Magdalena Jakowska
  • Cover illustration: Jess PhoenixAnd Philip Hodas
  • Cover design: Corina Lope
  • to express: Teresa Ogdana/
  • publisher: verbal (Previously: Burda books), Warsaw 2022
  • ISBN 978-83-8251-114-7

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April 24, 2022 5:13 pm

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