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The 1990s was a period of massive changes in the journalism market. Especially colorful women oriented. Many foreign publishers have entered the Polish market by offering their international titles. Also, a few Polish surnames were seized, which often changed their look and feel. Many of the warehouses built back then no longer exist but Many magazines that entered the market even in the last decade also disappeared from the market.

Here are the titles we picked for women – Luxury, Lifestyle, Gossip, Showbiz, Which is no longer available on the Polish market.


Publisher: G + J Polska

First issue: 1995

Last issue: 2001

Publication cycle: weekly

Halo was a yellow magazine about the lives of stars. She competed in the ’90s, incl. with Hot Live”. Six years later, the publishing house G+J Polska abandoned the weekly newspaper, turning it into a “party”. – The basis of the decision to convert “Hello!” It was the fact that the advertising market ranked the magazine below the upper bound for this magazine segment, which hampered its development – the publisher reported. Three quarters of “Hello!” Gala has been edited. In the first half of 2001, the total circulation of Halo magazines was 125,380 copies.

“Footary Home”

Publisher: “Twój Styl” Press Publisher

First issue: 1998

Last issue: 2002

Publication cycle: monthly

Votre Beaute is a monthly beauty and health publication published in the past by Twój Styl, the first publisher of the monthly Twój Styl. The title was released in 1997. Barbara Mitkovska was the editor-in-chief of the magazine. In 2000, its total paid distribution amounted to 37.8 thousand. In 2002, Bauer acquired the Twój Styl Press publishing house, and Votre Beaute closed.


Publisher: Power Publishing House

First issue December 2012

Last version: December 2017

Publication cycle: bi-monthly / bi-monthly

The Polish version of “Grazia” was a licensed title Italian publishing house Arnoldo Mondadori Editore – there the magazine was founded in 1938. The first issue of the Polish version was published at the end of 2012, and the magazine was launched by Bauer Publishing House. The title provided reports from celebrity lives, content related to fashion (including shopping), beauty, cooking, culture, and stories from ordinary people’s lives. Anna Zaleska became the editor-in-chief. The title was initially bi-monthly, then became monthly. At the end of 2017, the license to publish the Polish version expired, and Bauer closed the magazine. Mondadori wanted to continue publishing the magazine in Poland with another partner, but failed.


Publisher: Polski Dom Wydawniczy / Edipresse Polska

First issue: the fifties

Last issue: 2014

Publishing cycle: monthly / quarterly

“Beauty” is a title created in the time of the People’s Republic of Poland. The magazine focused on topics related to beauty and cosmetics. It was acquired by Edipresse Polska from the Polish publishing house in 2002. In 2014, the company decided that “Beauty” magazine should be quarterly rather than monthly. Then the editorial team of the biweekly magazine “Flesz”. Later The magazine turned into the luxurious monthly magazine “The Beauty of Life”, which was published until 2021.

“in style”

Publisher: Burda Media Polska

First issue: March 2008

Last issue: December 2018

Publication cycle: monthly

“InStyle” is a global women’s title, created in the United States in 1994. The publication of the magazine began in Poland in March 2008. The editor-in-chief of “InStyle” is Anna Zejdler-Ibisz. The magazine presented fashion from the angle of the stars. In December 2018, the last issue of the monthly magazine was published. Burda has not extended the license to publish because it has not reached an agreement with the licensor, Meredith Corporation.

“my world”

Publisher: Marquard Media Polska

First issue: 1997

Last version: December 2019

Publication cycle: monthly

The first issue of the magazine was published in 1886 by Schlicht & Field as “The Cosmopolitan”. The Polish edition of “Cosmopolitan” entered the market in 1997. The magazine was the first bold magazine for women at the time. The magazine’s publisher is Marquard Media Polska. The title was published until the end of 2019, when Marquard closed all print magazines. In the period from January to October 2019, total sales of “Cosmopolitan” amounted to 28.6 thousand. copy

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Publisher: Marquard Media Polska

First issue: April 2006

Last version: December 2019

Publication cycle: monthly

Joy was a magazine for young women devoted to fashion, beauty, and the lives of celebrities. It entered the market in 2006 and competed with Burdah’s monthly “Glamour”. Immediately after its debut, it became the sales leader among luxury monthly newspapers – In the period from April to September 2006, its total sales amounted to 255 thousand. Copying was discontinued in 2019 due to Marquard’s withdrawal from the press market. In the first three quarters of 2019, the title sold an average of only 24.2 thousand. copy

“Harper’s Bazaar”

Publisher: Marquard Media Polska

First issue: 2013

Last version: December 2019

Publication cycle: monthly

Harper’s Bazaar is the first American fashion magazine to be published since 1867. Its publisher is The Hearst Company. The Polish version entered the market in the spring of 2013, its publisher was Marquard Media Polska. Joanna Jura became the editor-in-chief. The first edition sold 60,000 copies. copy “Harper’s Bazaar” in Poland has competed with “Vogue” in recent years – Both magazines are world rivals as well. Harper’s Bazaar was also closed at the end of 2019 after the publisher withdrew from the press market. In the first three quarters of 2019, its total sales were about 16 thousand. copy


Publisher: agora

First issue: 2004

Latest version: Spring 2020

Publication cycle: monthly

The title was launched in 2004. It was Poland’s first shopping magazine. Avanti introduced fashionable clothing, shoes and accessories from the current collections available in major department stores. There were also cosmetic novelties, tips from fashion designers and makeup artists. Agora decided to finish the magazine in the spring of 2020, when the pandemic began, with the reservation that special editions might appear. Online shopping content remained on


Publisher: Edipresse Polska

First issue September 2011

Last version: December 2020

Publishing cycle: bi-monthly

Flash was founded in September 2011, a few years after the success of the twice-weekly The Party. Both magazines were run by Anita Wickrick. The magazine also focused on the lives of the stars, but also presented fashion and beauty topics from the perspective of celebrities. The first issue of “Flash” sold 496 thousand. Initially, sales amounted to nearly 330 thousand. copy, in 2020 it decreased to 20 thousand. The latest issue of “Flash” was published on December 21, 2020. The company that released the magazine, Edipresse Polska, told in a press release that it will now focus on developing a new Internet project. Brand Flash Style remained as thematic section in


Publisher: G + J Polska / Burda Media Polska

First issue: 2001

Last issue: August 2021

Publishing cycle: weekly / bi-monthly

“Gala” was a luxury weekly about the stars, which in 2001 replaced the rumored “Halo”, and its first editor-in-chief was Elijah Resch-Modlinska. The title competed with “Viva!” Since the beginning. – Both addresses were the place to be The stars were happy to talk about their private lives. The publisher of the magazine was G + J Polska, which was sold to the Burda Group in 2012. In recent years, “Gala” has been published every two weeks. Under her brand, “Gala Men” directed at men were also published, and there were also partner projects, such as “Itaka & Gala”. Gala’s best-recorded figure was nearly 500,000 sales. Copied. In August 2021, the warehouse was closed.

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