Polsat Box TV Mobilna DVB-T2 / HEVC Digital Terrestrial TV Changes the Standard

Mobile TV is a code package in digital terrestrial television. The service was launched in 2012, but the operator hasn’t promoted it for years. MUX-4 broadcasts: Polsat Sport, Polsat Sport Extra, Polsat Play, Polsat Cafe, Polsat Film, Polsat News, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Polsat Comedy Central Family, Tele 5, Kino Polska, TVP Seriale as well as radio stations: RMF FM, RMF Maxx, Muzo.FM, Radio Zet, Antyradio, Radio Plus, TOK FM, Rock Radio, Radio Złote Przeboje, Eska Rock. The free event 24 channel is also broadcast via MUX-4.

The service cannot be purchased at this time

Polsat Box has not answered questions about the future of TV Mobilna for months. – This service cannot be purchased, because decoders will not support the new standard for digital terrestrial television. If this changes, new decoders will appear, we will inform about them – we heard in the Polsat Box call center. When asked if the service will disappear, an employee of the operator’s call center replied that it is likely to.

The service provided was the MT 5000 Mobile TV set-top box, it works according to the DVB-T standard, and from the end of March to the end of June, the whole of Poland will switch to DVB-T2 / HEVC. The largest platform can change subscriber receivers, for example to Polsat Box 4K. However, it is not known whether it will be profitable for a cheap package. In addition, regulations may come into force soon that will fine sellers who display equipment that does not comply with the Minister of Digital Affairs decree. It shows that terrestrial tuners with Internet access (such as those offered by Polsat) must support HbbTV. Polsat Box equipment does not meet this standard.

For Polsat Box, the easiest solution is to encourage TV Mobilna customers to choose both satellite and IPTV packages. The license to broadcast Mobile TV will expire at the end of 2023. It is not known if the company will be interested in using it further. Polsat may move Polsat to a different multiplexer or replace it with a station with lower viewership. While there are companies like MWE intending to invest in digital terrestrial television, we are hearing more and more about limiting the number of channels in Europe. Part of the scope after 2030 may go to mobile network operators. Polsat can now offer more free channels on MUX-4. For example, Disco Polo Music or Polsat Music.

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Change Mobile TV Regulations

The show can be changed thanks to last fall’s entry. Mobile TV regulations. – Cyfrowy Polsat reserves the right to replace television and/or radio programs within the program package with other programs or reduce their number, if due to significant legal, technical, regulatory or economic reasons.

They include, in particular: Cyfrowy Polsat’s loss of the right to broadcast programmes, cessation of broadcasting of the program by the broadcaster, change of satellite or broadcasting system, termination of broadcasting due to insufficient viewing.

Subscribers will be informed in advance of such changes, in particular by broadcasting an appropriate text message on the Subscriber’s television set, by broadcasting a scroll (animated text) about the change while the Subscriber is receiving the Programs or by posting information about such a change on the Cyfrowy Polsat website or channel for subscribers. In such a case, the Subscriber has the right to terminate the Subscriber’s Agreement without notice, but no later than 30 days after the change was made, provided that it shall be in effect at the end of the settlement period in which the Subscriber’s written declaration regarding the Subscriber’s termination of the Agreement has been accepted – the Operator wrote in it.

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