Netflix: Friends of Strangers – the movie makes a scandal?

“Friends of Strangers” debuted on Netflix. An Egyptian politician considers the production unethical and demands the country to stop cooperating with the broadcasting platform.

The movie hit Netflix “friends of strangers” – next one remake From the famous Italian movie “It’s Good to Lie in Nice Companion” from 2016. Production started immediately controversy in some countries. Politicians are askingCut off communications with the streaming platform, which they believe is supposed to cause a scandal.

Netflix: Friends of Strangers is an immoral movie?

comedy drama “You lie in good company” It has several versions set in countries other than Italy, including Polish remake of 2019 “(Un) friends”.

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The production has also reached popularity for Arab countries. “friends of strangers” The first original Arabic movie on Netflix. However, the title appears to be unrecognized among parts of the population of Egypt and Western Asia. As I mentioned diverse, production raised Much controversy was considered immoral. The main reason for anger is the appearance of such topics in “friends of strangers” such as Casual sex, same-sex relationship, and other taboo behavior of heroes Valid in Western Asia, also known as the Middle East.

The movie “Friends of Strangers” premiered recently One of the most popular social media topics in West Asia. There have been reactions to the remake Especially strong in Egypt, Where production raised a chorus Discontent over allegations of homosexuality and immorality. These cases brought them to the country’s authorities official complaints about Netflix, Enjoy great support. Mustafa Bakri – The journalist and the representative are required american giant reactions, Because he’s thinking about Netflix again “It collides with the values ​​and traditions of Egyptian and Arab society.”

Netflix chiefs decided respond to the situation, By publishing an official statement in this regard.

Friends of Strangers is a fictional story that explores global themes without taking a moral viewpoint, and instead invites the audience to open up dialogue and discussion. The film deals with difficult topics with the help of humanity and humor created by a talented Arab crew focused on creative excellence.

According to many local media, the outrage on social media made youKhaled Abdel Jalil, coordinator of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture. He is also responsible for Film censorship in this country, He indicated that his hands were tied because of Friends of Strangers is a film produced in Lebanon.

Netflix productions have arrived on the streaming platform, so According to legal regulations, they are not obligated to submit to local control. for this reason You didn’t get an age group that says people over 16 should watch it.

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‘Friends of Strangers’: What is the theme of the Netflix movie?

The director of the film is Lebanese director Wissam Samira. They were included in the cast Arab movie stars, Among other things Nadine Labaki, Egyptian actress Mona Zaki and Jordan Iyad Nassar. Production went to Netflix January 20, 2022 and available in 190 countries around the world.

As in the original Italian text, the viewer knows A group of close friends who meet for dinner and decide to play an unusual game. They put their cell phones on the table and agreed Share every chat, text and audio with the conferees, they will get. Fun changes fast In a series of secrets that have a great impact on the participants in the dinner. Among the secrets, among others The homosexuality of a hero. althoug Many societies in Arab countries exhibit anti-homosexual behaviour, The creators decided to keep this thread from the original movie. Another clip that did not appeal to the Middle East is A scene in which the heroine performed by Zaki takes off her underwear from under the table. Although the creators avoided any nudity.

They appeared on social media Demands the expulsion of the star from the Egyptian trade union. However, the organization issued a statement in favor of Zaki, arguing that “He will not stand idly by in the face of any verbal attack or attempt to intimidate any Egyptian artist,” They also relied on The basic principles, the most important of which is preserving freedom of creativity. There was also individual support from many Egyptian artists, among others Hendy Sabri, Ahmed Fahma and Gadi Abdel Razek.

The movie “Friends of Strangers” has gone viral since its premiere Top Middle East Netflix Show List And for a while it became The sixth most popular title on the platform in France.

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