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The topic of dealing with loss is nothing new of course, but Michael Sarnosky gives us it in a very refreshing version. Thanks to the skillful selection of ingredients for a story in which we see Nicolas Cage’s bloody, filthy, and swollen face for a long time, we can say with confidence: delicate and intimate. This is a different kind of delicacy than the one in the “Trufflers” document, but all indications are that the world of hunters for rare and precious mushrooms has recently become a very grateful subject.

  • “The Pig” is a surprise, both in terms of acting and script
  • Michael Sarnosky’s full debut isn’t about revenge – it’s basically a story about loss and separation from the world and the rules that govern it.
  • Of course, Cage considers himself a huge surprise, too. He creates a strong and sensitive hero at the same time, very closed in on himself
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In the heart of the Oregon jungle, Rob (Nicolas Cage) lives in a log cottage that doesn’t even have a bathroom with hot water. The man who looks like a bumblebee lives with a beloved pig, which he pampers with such delicacies as mushroom tart, and their closest neighbors are coyotes. The lack of a phone and a watch, greasy hair and a beard make up the image of the man who long ago cut himself off from civilization. No one would care about his fate, were it not for the fact that, thanks to him, guests of the restaurant in nearby Portland could pay a fortune for dishes with the best truffles available on the market. For Prince (played by Alex Wolff, better known from “Legacy. Hereditary”), Robin is a goldmine, thanks to which a young merchant can wear a gold watch, expensive T-shirts and drive a Chevrolet Camaro. When a pig is stolen, the heroes head to the city to find an animal that is a machine to earn money for one, and priceless value for the other. This criminal plot, which Michael Sarnosky winked at the viewer, quickly fades into the background. What might seem for a moment a story about an avenger from the wild, turns out to be a surprising story about a game of show and loss and living on your own terms.

Appetizers appearances

The people who earn from Rob’s work drive expensive cars, live in elegant glass apartments overlooking the city skyline; They have a high-quality sound system, through which Mozart and Camille Saint-Saine play. Reputation matters because people talk. No wonder Amir reluctantly shows up with an old truffle that doesn’t bother to shower, but it looks more and more disgusting every minute. However, this world does not impress him, because he decided long ago to live on his terms.

Although the young merchant initially pretended that the only person from the forest was his father’s old friend, a Buddhist, the most distant friend, over time, began to refer to him. Robin Field turns out to be a gastronomic god, a former chef who returned to the shadows 15 years ago. However, many in the industry – even those in senior positions – shudder at the sight of him.

By putting these two worlds side by side, the director really shows how old the world is. In pursuit of acceptance, after what is fashionable, it is easy to forget lofty values ​​and accept the loss of dreams. This becomes all the more clear when Robin speaks with the boss of one of Portland’s busiest restaurants. No wonder truffles don’t believe in his “modern and exciting cooking,” because the chef has always dreamed of an English pub with Scotch eggs. When Robin shows him that nothing around him is real, all he’s left with is nervous laughter.

During his stay with Robb, Amir noticed that, only out of a desire to become the king of the gastronomic forest, he could become like his father – a soulless commercial shark who cares about personal relationships. However, even he still respects the ancient truffle, even though he’s been working as an animal for more than a decade. A stranger who despairs of living in a world governed by rules contrary to his values ​​can remind anyone of what really matters.

A new recipe for cliched truths

The topic of dealing with loss – both in a literal and figurative sense – of one’s refusal to give up one’s thoughts and dreams is of course not new, but Michael Sarnosky presents it to us in a very updated version. In his debut, the director presents issues of mourning and alienation in such a way that I would like to ask for more of them in the form of another film. Thanks to the skillful selection of components around the story, in which we see Nicolas Cage’s bloody, filthy and swollen face for a long time, we can still boldly say: delicate and intimate. This is certainly a different kind of delicacy than the one in the “Trufflers” document, but it all comes back to the search for happiness and shows that the world of seekers of rare and precious mushrooms has recently become a very grateful subject.

Of course, Cage himself is a big surprise, too. The ’90s are late, and with the premieres of Leave Las Vegas and Wild at Heart, the American actor’s name is now no longer a good advertisement. However, since Adam Sandler could have made a positive impression in the Safdie brothers’ “Rough Diamonds,” it’s impossible not to give Cage a chance. In Sarnoski’s movie, Cage plays the “last real” genre, but without his usual moves. He creates a strong and sensitive hero at the same time, very closed in himself, works with facial expressions, look, but most of all – believable.

The Pig has already been nominated for a Gotham Award. In the end, she lost the competition to “The Daughter” – the debut of Maggie Gyllenhaal, who portrayed the novel by Elena Ferrante. Sarnoski’s movie is well worth watching, as the budding director approaches his story with tenderness – both when Robin cooks his pig and when he picks up the bruised one from the ground again.

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