Journeys, Secrets and Reflections – perfect books for relaxation, any outing with literature

In the literature, we can find patterns that induce action. Features that make us want to discover new worlds. And sometimes, just to get to know yourself and others. Because thanks to books, it is possible to meet many authors, heroes and subsequent readers who share our fascination. For a relaxing weekend in May, we’ve picked the classics, but also the unobtrusive propositions that – perhaps – will change the way we look at the world. But the most important thing is comfort. But in what way? There are at least a few, if not dozens of options…

“Extraordinary Journeys” by Jules Verne

I always associate the weekend in May with wandering and wandering. Expeditions to unknown or known places on the tourist map. This is where Jules Verne comes in. The French writer and playwright, widely regarded as one of the pioneers of science fiction, is my travel patron. The book is particularly symbolic in this context “Around the World in Eighty Days”, perhaps the most popular novel by the French master. The story of Phileas Fogg belongs to a great series “Extraordinary Journeys”Which we will find, for example “Journey into the Earth”And “Five Weeks in a Balloon” if “Twenty Thousand Miles of Shipping Under the Sea”. Absolute gems of genre and world literature. And these are just the first signs on a great path.

Round Trip Travel – Seeing an Atlas of the World from Perspective

Mr. Baggins, the hero of an unforgettable story “The Hobbit, or Back and forth”He liked a comfortable life, without surprises, so the biggest and most difficult challenge for him was the one that was associated with the character of Gandalf, as well as the adventurous dwarves. Both “Hobbit” and “Lord of the rings” It arose under the influence of ancient Norse mythology that Tolkien dealt with. Some stories, especially basic ones, can bring a sense of relaxation and comfort. Even if we’re characteristically closer to Bilbo Baggins, a real person in the house, sometimes it’s worth the drift. The world atlas can be read from different points of view. Because the Hobbits can discover the world, and each of us – following the advice of Alice from a magical land – can move to the other side of the mirror. What does that actually mean?

Secrets of science, unknown facts from history, i.e. demystification

You can discover the world in many different ways. One of them, of course, travels. But experience is also gained through conversation, contact with others and learning about interesting facts. I remember that at one time the real discovery for me was a series of books signed by Tom Philips. This is a guarantee of truly stimulating relaxation. “People. A short story about how we screwed up everything” is an exciting journey through the most inventive and catastrophic failures in human history, from the fall of our ancestors from the tree to the most spectacular modern defeats of the human race! It was just as exciting “Fact. A Brief History of Punch Putty” – This time the author decided to show stories about mythical lands and seekers not necessarily in the places they wrote about. Or stories about widespread manipulation by spreading conspiracy theories, or about failed attempts to cover up disasters, or about wartime propaganda.

The art of relaxation i.e. relaxation in May

How do we rest? What calms our minds? How does our body receive new energy? The answers to these questions are recorded in a book “The Art of Rest. How to Find a Respite in the Present”. There are many such offers. Even if Full concentration of the mind. vigilance trainingThe creators – Danny Penman and Mark Williams – introduced the mindfulness training method. Apparently, it is thanks to her that you can understand that well-being and living in harmony with yourself affect every action. How much truth is in that? Perhaps a matter of individual decision. Although it is undeniable that some things are worth being aware of. Further, let’s look for stories in which such reflections are recorded. “The Art of Rest. How to Find a Respite in the Present” is a title that may be prophetic, and too cliched to some, but the simplest words sometimes contain the great power.

Searching for Inner Peace – Strength in Literature

The excursion. expected. required. A time when at least some of your dreams and desires can be fulfilled. Because the days off are there to make you feel free. At least that’s how it should work in theory. And of course we should also write about life, take care of household chores and, if necessary, work. However, let the weekend in May spend it in a way convenient for each of you. Literature is useful when we want to travel in time and space, as well as when we are trying to control our emotions or access sources of anxiety.

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