Is everything a game? “Inheritance Games” – book review

Do you like doing crossword puzzles? Or maybe you prefer to play logic games? Or you can’t live without titles in which heroes struggle with puzzles (less lethal than those in pile!)? Solve the following puzzles and decipher the clues – these can be found in many items, for example in Dan Brown books and a series of films national treasure Or the latest movie Anonymous.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes in her novel inheritance games Focuses on motives related to the search for hidden treasures, charades, and passages. The mysterious message can be literally anywhere – behind the fireplace, behind the plate, in a hidden desk drawer … And what will lead the heroes from discovering the information?


Avery Grambs can’t recover after rubbing someone close to her heart – the hero’s mother recently passed away. The heroine is not of legal age, so now she is being looked after by her older sister – Libby. Avery’s father prefers to spend his time with strong drinks and not keep in touch with her or his other daughter.

One day, a stranger stands on the threshold of the girls’ apartment, and tells the youngest of them that his late grandfather included her in his will, and that her presence is necessary for the reading of the deceased’s last will. Avery doesn’t know how someone she’s never seen wrote something. However, curiosity prevails over suspicion, and the hero and her sister go to Texas to the late Hawthorne’s house, called Hawthorne House. It turns out very quickly that Tobias left almost all of his fortune to the heroine? What is behind this decision? How did the deceased Avery know? Why did he deny his daughters and grandchildren?

Arcades and puzzles

Hawthorne House is not an ordinary house, which is quickly realized by the main character of the story and readers. It is a huge property, with countless rooms, after all Tobias has expanded it every year, several libraries, bowling alley, SPA lounge and many other facilities. But the most interesting are what turned out to be invisible to the eyes – secret passages, hiding places and rooms. Avery and the deceased’s grandchildren – Alexander, Nash, Jameson and Grayson – would spend a lot of time searching the house for information about the deceased’s last will.

The heroine does not know why Tobias included her in his will. The recipient also wonders how the stranger could have left his inheritance to the girl. There must be something behind this. Just what? The author of the book does not immediately reveal it to us, and we have to wait for the answer. However, you can guess a few things, although we will have to wait until the second volume of the series to confirm our assumptions.

And what awaits us in the first part? Lots of mysteries, family problems and chilling secrets. Avery has become one of the richest people in America, which on the one hand looks like a gift from heaven, and you will finally be able to travel, but on the other hand, it means a lot of trouble. Her life is also in danger. After all, those deprived of inheritance would not rest on their laurels until they regained their wealth. So the heroine should be careful and not trust anyone.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes brings out the lights and shadows of the situation in which the protagonist finds herself inheritance games. Avery is very confused at first, but slowly comes to the conclusion that Tobias’ choice cannot be accidental. The reader follows her actions – how she finds and solves puzzles and traces the thread to the ball.

The dead don’t make her job any easier. Riddles can be difficult, especially for those who did not know it. Fortunately, one of the deceased’s grandchildren, Jameson, accompanies her on the search. The problem is that he’s keeping a secret himself. Avery must be constantly careful, she cannot trust the wrong person.


inheritance games It is an interesting novel. On the other hand, we have a very attractive topic of riddles – the deceased left a large number of riddles for the living, the solution of which may shed light on the mystery of the will. On the other hand, the secrets of the descendants of Tobias – after all, each of them is a player, from an early age their grandfather organized for them a contest with a lot of cryptic messages that need to be discovered.

And while the items about discovering the secrets of heroes or thinking about charades are interesting, one of the topics turned out to be very disturbing. The theme of the love triangle appears in the book, which may frighten people who are not fond of such romantic combinations. To make matters worse, it is not well directed, compelling or attractive. Unfortunately, it works against the story. If he had been more believable and stimulating, and not just focused on sighing and thinking about feelings, it would have been a lot better, and that’s how we get to have a love affair with a teen that wasn’t developed properly.

inheritance games It has several drawbacks, the biggest problem with the size is the triangular thread. It is likely that in the next part the motivation will be better, and more will be done in it.

When it comes to secrets, mysteries and actions of the heroine – this is an interesting situation. If you take the romantic element into account, things just aren’t good here anymore.

What about the heroes of the story? Avery evokes sympathy – she’s an ordinary girl who doesn’t have high expectations, misses her deceased mother, wants to travel, and cares for her older sister (Barnes weaves a thread of physical violence in his book). Grayson is a strong, intelligent boy who puts his family’s interests first. Sometimes he behaves unpleasantly, but the author adequately explains his approach. Alexander, in turn, is the most complex character in this book – he hides a mysterious secret that has left its mark on his life.

Title: inheritance games

author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Publishing house: Media family

number of pages:400

ISBN:978-83-8008-945-7 / 9788380089457

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