How to Receive MUX-4 Polsat Box Mobile Digital Terrestrial TV APP UKE

In the summer of 2010, Info-TV-FM from Zamość won the mobile operator competition for digital terrestrial television. However, the DVB-H standard, in which the tests were conducted, did not spread in the world. In 2012, the company was acquired by Cyfrowy Polsat, and in June of the same year it began offering television channels with the DVB-T standard.

The Mobilna TV package available on MUX-4 includes: Polsat Sport, Polsat Sport Extra, Polsat Play, Polsat Cafe, Polsat Film, Polsat News, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Polsat Comedy Central Family, Tele 5, Kino Polska and TVP Seriale as well as stations Radio: RMF FM, RMF Maxx, Muzo.FM, Radio Zet, Antyradio, Radio Plus, TOK FM, Rock Radio, Radio Złote Przeboje, Eska Rock. Until September, Polsat News was broadcast freely via MUX-4. Later, the channel was replaced by Events 24.

Polsat has managed to continue offering Mobile TV in the old standard

For years, Cyfrowy Polsat, and later Polsat Box, did not promote the Mobilna encrypted TV package. In recent days, users of the service have received a letter from the operator that they can no longer top up their account, because the service will be gradually disabled. First of all, in those regions that will switch to the DVB-T2 / HEVC standard for terrestrial television (at the end of March are the voivodships of Lubuskie and Dolnośląskie).

As the change to the digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard begins soon, we are discontinuing the Mobile TV service in its current form. The service will be phased out gradually, according to the transition schedule to the new standard (indicated at: As of March 28, we will not charge customers who have a contract for this service, and after termination of the contract, subscribers will not be required to return the set-top box provided to them. The sale of additional services in the prepaid model has also been completed. Customers who have used the Mobile TV service so far are encouraged to take advantage of our other TV offerings, available in three technologies: satellite, IPTV cable and Internet. Cyfrowy Polsat spokeswoman Olga Sommer said a few days ago that prices for packages start at PLN 20.

The Mobile TV MT 5000 decoder is not compatible with DVB-T2 / HEVC, only with the old DVB-T standard. Witold Tomaszewski, a spokesperson for the Office of Electronic Communications, reveals to that Info-TV-FM can continue broadcasting in the DVB-T standard without switching to DVB-T2 / HEVCWhat explains the operator termination of service.

– Subject to the terms of use of the frequency specified in the Frequency Reservation, the MUX4 multiplexing signal must be broadcast in any system, but subject to the DVB-T or DVB-T2 spectral mask (according to the deadlines specified in the Resolution). Due to the technological neutrality of the resolution, it is not referred to, among other things, standard for encoding video of TV shows in MUX4. In this regard, the frequency carrier has freedom – confirms Tomaszewski

Only in the specified locations will the MUX-4 have to change the channel. However, broadcasting on the new channel can continue in the DVB-T standard. – MUX4, like state-level multiplexing, is subject to NTC relay commitment below the 700MHz band, in four phases. Tomaszewsky clarifies that the decision of May 20, 2020 (providing compliance with immigration and its schedule) did not change the rules for coding TV channels.

What changes in the offer?

The DVB-T2 / HEVC standard allows you to increase the number of broadcast channels or improve image quality. If Polsat invests in new set-top boxes, it could improve the attractiveness of TV Mobilna and relaunch the service. Creating a terrestrial digital platform for the Internet. Polish television had this idea and introduced its own receiver. Today it is already known that the TVP decoder will not exist at the moment, because due to the epidemic there are no chips on the market. It is possible that the Polsat Box had similar problems, which is why it blocked the new version of TV Mobilna. Permission to use MUX-4 for Info-TV-FM is valid until the end of 2023.

For MUX-4, we will inform you of any new offerings in due course. Event 24 is not affiliated with TV Mobilna, it is a free channel broadcast for HEVC testing, so viewers can check if their receivers support the new standard, Cyfrowy Polsat’s Zomer recently announced.

UKE confirms that the request for program changes was submitted by Info-TV-FM a week ago. – The changes are minor, just to say. We just started checking the order – A UKE spokesperson explains. BCAST, another Polsat-owned company, is the operator of DVB-T2 / HEVC test multiples in Warsaw and Wroclaw. After turning off TV Mobilna, some of the channels broadcasting there (Polsat HD, Nowa TV HD, EWTN Polska, TV Republika, TV Okazje, TV Regionalna, can move to MUX-4. Since the programming changes won’t be revolutionary, Polsat may continue to encode most of the stations on the MUX-4. It can go back to offering a paid ground package after getting the appropriate set-top box.

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