How to Download HBO Max Polsat Box + UPC Vectra Channel End of HBO GO Promo

The new website has replaced HBO GO. Existing users must download the HBO Max app from the Store with the software for the operating system they are using. For Android TV / Google TV or Android smartphones, this is the Play Store. For iPhones, it’s the App Store. The login and password information for the HBO Max app is the same as previously used for HBO GO.

HBO Max is available on TVs or set-top boxes (Android TV, and eventually also Tizen and WebOS)game consoles (PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series X/S), web browser on computer (at and on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets with Android and iOS).

How much does it cost to access HBO Max?

For select users, the HBO Max service will be priced cheaper than HBO GO. It will cost PLN 19.99 per month instead of the current PLN 24.99. To take advantage of this promotion, you must sign up by the end of March and not end thereafter. People who decide to buy HBO Max in April or later months or end the subscription will have to pay PLN 29.99 per month.

The above offer is only valid for direct users of HBO Max. If someone purchases access to an HBO package through another streaming service, satellite platform, or cable network, prices may vary depending on that pay-TV operator’s policy. Through, HBO Partner customers can access the HBO Max app after submitting their details. This is important because the content selected on the new site is rendered in 4K quality.

Canal+ subscribers who have access to HBO GO are automatically transferred to HBO Max. The price of the service will not change. Canal+ focuses on users who want access to two distinct channels – Canal + and HBO. In the satellite view, the cost of the Entry + package with HBO Max and Canal + is PLN 50 per month. In Canal + online, a similar offer costs PLN 55 per month. If the customer decides to purchase HBO Max separately, he will have to pay PLN 45 for the Canal + package and PLN 19.99 for the HBO Max package. Total 64.99 PLN.

On Polsat Box, the price of the HBO streaming service will not change either. It is PLN 20 per month in case of a long-term commitment. In the case of the Polsat Box Go subscription service, it is PLN 25 per month.

In the Vectra cable network, the fee for HBO Max should not exceed PLN 24.99 per month (the promotional rate is PLN 19.99 until the end of March). Thanks to one of the promotions, subscribers will be able to test the website PLN 1 for three months, then the price will increase to PLN 24.99. UPC Polska has a similar offer. For two months, you have to pay PLN 10 per month for HBO Max, then PLN 24.90. The commitment period is 12 months.

The campaign accompanying the launch of the site

The debut of HBO Max was accompanied by a large-scale advertising campaign. From March 3 to 31 it covers television (Polsat and thematic channels of the broadcaster), radio (national campaign, radio stations: RMF FM, Eska, Radio Zet and all related stations in groups), cinema (March 11-31, Multikino, Cinema City and Helios), outdoors (Warsaw, Krakow, Tricity, Wroclaw, Pozna, Katowice, ód: March 1-31 campaign, standard and digital billboards, 3 murals, advertisements in public transport) and the Internet.

Non-standard activities have also been prepared. It is an installation in front of Westfield Arkadia and sponsorship of a cinema hall in Cinema City Westfield Arkadia (Warsaw) and an advertisement in a tunnel under the Rotunda. The authors of the campaign are 180 Amsterdam, in collaboration with VMLY & R. The campaign has been translated by HBO’s creation department, VMLY & R and ADP. Media House Mediacom and Precis are responsible for purchasing the media.

What’s in the HBO Max Show?

The site will feature its own productions under the Max Originals brand, content known from HBO for years, but also Warner Bros movies 45 days after their cinema premieres, produced by New Line and Cartoon Network. The platform promotes itself with new movies and series, but also with well known content from HBO GO.

The bulletin board displays frames from the series “And so simple” (a continuation of the series “Sex in the Big City”), “Euforia” (an American series about youth problems) and “Friends” (a world-famous comedy series). Max boasts more HBO productions available immediately on This includes “The Resurrection Matrix” (the fourth and latest part of the popular movie series), “Gossip Girl” (a youth series filmed in 2007-2012), “King Richard: A Triumphant Family” (sports drama), “Dragon Family” ( fiction series), “Ogrodnicy” (crime series), “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” (superhero film based on DC Comics), “Game of Thrones” (fantasy series), “The Gilded Age” (historical series), “The Sopranos” (crime series), “Suicide Squad: The Suicide Squad” (fantasy film based on DC Comics), “White Lotus” (comedy series), “Dark Materials” (fantasy series), “Dune” (science-fiction film) , “Godzilla vs. Kong” (another part of the monster movie), “Harry Potter – 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts” (a program reminiscent of a movie series about a young wizard), “Joker” (drama), “All the Saints of New Jersey” (Detective fiction), “Fantastic Animals and how to find them” (fantasy), “Raised by wolves” (sci-fi series), “Peacemaker” (superhero series), “Rick and Morty” (animated series for older audiences) ), “Legends of voguingu” (a reality show with the participation of with LGBT), “Succession” (black comedy), “Tom and Jerry” (children’s cartoon series), “Harry Potter Deathly Hallows 2” (fantasy), “Student Sex Lives” (comedy series), “Be like Magic Mike (drama), “Informator” (biographical drama), “30 Pieces of Silver” (serial – horror), “Ruxxx” (serial – drama), “Thaw”, Polish crime series), “Mare z Easttown” (crime series), “Westoworld” (sci-fi series), “The Amazing World of Gumball” (children’s cartoon series from Cartoon Network), “Young Titans: Action!” (animated series), “Scoop!” (Animated film about Scooby-Doo), “Aquaman” (action film), “Incarnation” (horror), “Space Match: A New Era” (comedy), “Inception” (sci-fi film).

In the live stream on HBO, HBO 2 and HBO 3 line channels, we see young people watching HBO Max productions in various places. They include the airport, train, pool or apartment. They are promoted, among others, “Game of Thrones”, “And Just Like That”, “Friends”, “Space Match: New Era”, “Dune” or “Peacemaker”. There are about 800 movies and 300 series in the streaming platform’s library.

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