Fresh – movie review –

Fresh Hulu is the feature film of the year and starring Sebastian Stan And Daisy Edgar Jones. The plot focuses on Noah, a girl who is looking for love on a dating app. When her next meeting with her boyfriend ends in fiasco, Nae becomes more and more quitting – so she is even more surprised when at the supermarket she accidentally runs into handsome Steve who seems to be very interested in her. Noah considers him perfect in every respect – he is so different from the previous candidates, he behaves so well that it is hard to believe. The relationship between these two blossoms, but at some point it begins to get even stranger – Steve reveals his unusual interests to his lover, in the light of which it turns out that she is in real danger.

The film is promoted as a thriller, but also a black comedy – in fact it has many features of both genres, which make its presentation very captivating and interesting, while at the same time evoking a feeling of disgust in viewers. This contrast is obvious and ironically makes the whole thing more interesting – it’s meant to be fun, it’s fun, but when you need to scare the viewer or make them feel uncomfortable, the production does its job well too. Everything is good from a technical point of view, the individual frames are spoiled by the smallest detail – the production is aesthetic, makes a great impression from the visual side – it is simply very interesting and … tasty. Be careful, because the longer the scan, the tougher it will appear on screen – we have a lot of violence and a lot of blood. In some scenes I personally had to look away sometimes because what we’re really noticing is pretty rude – Fresh It stimulates the imagination and I think that sometimes it can cause great inconvenience among the most sensitive viewers, you have to take that into account.

The whole story is told from a female point of view and you can feel it from the very beginning – the creators emphasize first of all how Noah feels, and the details that explain this are very clear, despite the fact that they appear somewhere. during traffic. From the mantle of food embarrassment and awkward dating conversations, to being overwhelmed by portraits of males in a dating app, to assertion down a dark alley, you can clearly see what this resigned girl is thinking and feeling at the moment; I like that a lot of attention is paid to detail, rather than just having letters dry in her mouth to reflect her current condition. Production Manager meme cave Interestingly enough, this is her first appearance. Throughout this story, you can feel the woman’s hand very clearly, and in my opinion, it works well here, which gives the story a lot of credibility.

The plot is very dynamic here – finding out the next cards and facing reality is surprising, and the viewer can easily sympathize with the main character, who is thrown into a completely abstract world, without any preparation for this. So much happens on screen and is watched with interest – the production can keep the viewer’s attention, because what we’re observing is so weird that you just want to look at it more. Of course, the acting also lends itself to this – both Jones and Stan play very well and can’t fault them. Other supporting characters also appear in the background, but they are definitely the ones who have the burden of the film on their shoulders.

Fresh It’s a movie that’s hard to take your eyes off of – both visually and in terms of plot. Everything here is very correctly built, and the whole thing is addictive – the production defends itself primarily in the visual layer, as it is a pleasure to receive, artistic, I would say … delicious. The plot is also good, but perhaps there are no big fireworks or special originality – despite the twists, the story at some point begins to become predictable and sometimes falls into slanted patterns, but in the end it does not negatively affect the reception. The combination of a great acting game and an artistic craft thoughtful in every detail results in something that makes the reception a lot of fun. Great and interesting production to start the weekend.

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