Frederick Distribution 2022! Here are the best artists in Poland

Friday’s ceremony to announce this year’s Fryderyk Award winners in the jazz and light categories was accompanied by a one-of-a-kind show featuring Daria Zawyaw, nominee for up to eight categories (including this year’s pop album), who made her debut last year and won Four nominations (including this year’s debut Phonographic Award). Kaoka Suchaka (Onet O! Lśienia 2022 Cultural Award Winner) and two nominations (including Artist of the Year) by Mery Spolsky.

We can also hear: Vito Bambino, Organka, Shechila, Ralph Kaminsky, Mucha, Kroll, Rosalie, Monica Prodka, Natalia Szroder, Koyat Gaboney.

This is the second edition of the Fryderyk Festival being held in Szczecin. The event was broadcast live on Onet.

Monica Prodka at the Fryderyki Party 2022Monica Prodka at the Fryderyki 2022 party – PAP / Marcin Bielecki

Fryderyki are awards given since 1995 by the Polish music community for the most significant achievements in the Polish phonogram market. It is the only award that covers a wide range of musical genres, including classical and jazz.

The winners are chosen by a group of more than 1,500 musicians, authors, composers, music producers, journalists, and representatives of the phonographic industry associated with the Phonographic Academy. Academy members nominate and reward artists and creators each year via secret online voting in two stages.

Ralph Kaminsky at Fryderyki 2022 galaRalph Kaminsky at the Fryderyki 2022 gala – PAP / Marcin Bielecki

The categories that apply to a particular edition of the awards are determined prior to their commencement (i.e., usually in September of each year) by the Academy of Phonography’s three divisions (folk, classical and jazz) boards. The list of categories for which nominations are submitted may differ from the set of categories for which nominations are submitted. The reason for this difference may be the cancellation of classes for which the number of applications was too small (less than six) to survive a particular release.

A week ago we met the winners and winners of the classical music categories. Chopin competition winner, Bruce Leo Awarded for Best Recording of Polish Music. In contrast, Golden Fredericki went to Janusz Olenichak – a world famous pianist – and Stanislav Jawansky – A prominent and famous conductor of ancient music.

Golden Fryderyk for lifetime achievement – posthumous Jacek Budio Szymkiewicz

Golden Fryderyk for Lifetime Achievements – Henryk Miśkiewicz

Golden Fridic for Lifetime Achievements – Republic

Album of the Year – Muzyka Korzeni / Blues

  • Dagadana – “yours”
  • Jariki – “Totem”
  • Miosh and the Song and Dance Ensemble “Olsk” – “Songs of the Day”
  • Tulia – “Twilight”

Album of the Year – Piosenka Poetycka i Literacka

  • De Mono – “Oseki”
  • Miri Spolsky – “I’m Marcia and I think I’m going to kill myself today”
  • Organek – “Love Saves Us”
  • Ralph Kaminsky – “Kora”
  • Variety – “Wild Prince”

Album of the Year – Alternatywa

  • Fayz Emad – “Poems and Protests”
  • Hania Rani – “Music for Cinema and Theater”
  • Hania Rani/Dubrawa Chucher – “Inner Symphonies”
  • Cuba Kowalek – “Blindness”
  • Maria Peszek – “Ave Maria”

Album of the Year – Electronics

  • Bash – “Balladyna”
  • Micha Abag – “Are You There”
  • Rysy – “4GET”
  • Steez83 – “Lost Tapes 001”
  • Mrinka – “Echo”

Autor / Autor / Autorski Team of the Year

  • Bartek Fisz Waglowski
  • Daria Zawyow
  • Michel Wirasko
  • Sana’a
  • Sobel

Kompozytor / Kompozytorka / Composer Team of the Year

  • Daria Zawiao / Michael Koch
  • Hania Rani / Dobrawa Chucher
  • Kaika Suchaka
  • Sana’a / Jacob Galinsky
  • Sobel / Pyotr Lewandowski

Producer / Producer / Team Producer of the Year

  • Trump (Adam Wiśniewski)
  • Dominik Buczkowski-Wojtaszek / Patryk Kumór
  • Hania Rani
  • Jakub Galiński (ex aequo)
  • Majira

Album of the Year – Jazz

  • Adam Balditch Music – “Poetry”
  • Anna Gadet Trio – “Renaissance Jesualdo”
  • Ewa Bam – “Live”
  • Dorota Miśkiewicz and Henryk Miśkiewicz – “Our Love”
  • Marcin Wasilewski Trio – “En Attendant”

Artist of the Year – Jazz

  • Adam Baldych music
  • Ewa Bim
  • Dorota Mickiewicz
  • Henrik Mickiewicz
  • Marcin Wasilewski Trio

The debut of this year’s phonography – jazz

  • Simon Biaroki
  • Maciej Kitajowski
  • Marek Konarsky
  • Paweł Mańka
  • Daniel Nozevic

Music Video of the Year

  • Brodka and Przemek Dzienis – “Change the Game” – Brodek
  • MYK Collective – “For a Short Dream” – Daria Zawiałow / Dawid Podsiadło
  • MYK Group – “You Too, Too Much” – Men’s Plays In Orchestra 2021
  • Dawid Misiorny and Tymon Nogalski (HARTwarsaw) – “Need for rocks” – Rosalie feat. Król
  • Zuzanna Irena Jurczak and Michał Pańszczyk – “Kolońska i ślugi” – Sanah

Team/Artistic Project of the Year

  • Emade fish material
  • apple blossom
  • play orchestra for men 2020
  • flies
  • OIO

artist of the year

  • Krzysztof Zalowski
  • mat
  • frost
  • Ralph Kaminsky
  • schiel

artist of the year

  • Daria Zawyow
  • Kaika Suchaka
  • Mary Spolsky
  • Sana’a
  • Young Lucia

For the first time this year’s phonography

  • Prisca
  • Kaika Suchaka
  • Ochmann
  • schiel
  • Young Lucia

song of the year

  • “For a Short Dream” – Daria Zawayo / David Podsiado
  • “And You, Too Much” – Men’s Plays in Orchestra 2021
  • “Gold” – Frost
  • “Pink Gray” – flies
  • “Cologne and Zuluji” – Sana’a

Rock/Metal Album of the Year

  • Deserter – “A lie is a new truth”
  • Strange Spring – “Strange Spring”
  • Flies – “pink gray”
  • Organic – “I’m Standing Now, Now I’m Watching”
  • Walu Kraksa Kryzys – “Attack!”

Hip-hop album of the year

  • Mata – “Young Machak”
  • Sobel – “Butterfly Trap”
  • Falcon – “nothing”
  • Szczyl – “Florida Polska”
  • Dead Wasp – “I’ve Sold My Ass”

Indie Pop Album of the Year

  • Brodka – “BRUT”
  • Kaika Suchaka – “Silent Days”
  • King – “Thank you”
  • Apple Blossom – “There can be nothing”
  • Natalia Brzebiz – MTV Unplugged

general pop album

  • Daria Zavanov – “Wars and Nights”
  • Krzysztof Zalewski – “MTV Unplugged”
  • Men’s Play – “Men’s Games 2020”
  • Auchmann – “Auchmann”
  • Sana – “Irinka”

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