[FILM, ZDJĘCIA] Wisła Mała: The funeral of Maciej Tetłak, a miner from the Pniówek Mine

Massej Titanic funeral mass; Photography by J. Jędrysik


Today (April 30) in Wisła Maya (Pszczyna municipality) the funeral of Maciej Titak, a miner who died after the disaster at the Neuvik Mine in Baovice, was held today (April 30). Maciej died on April 26 at the Burn Center in Semyanovichi Olensky on his 33rd birthday. He left his wife and two children orphans. The deceased was a firefighter, soccer player and head of the parents’ council at the local school. And the whole town left him.

Historic Wooden Church Street. James the Elder did not accommodate all mourners. People attended the funeral mass while standing around the temple. Celebrated by: Fr. Rev. Grzegorz Seweryn and Bishop Marek Shkodo.

Honorary guards at the sarcophagus were performed by rescuers from the Beniuf mine wearing white helmets and red clothes. The coffin was carried by miners in ceremonial costumes and friends from the Wissa Maa volunteer fire brigade. There were firefighters, mines, and major guilds. She was playing a brass metal band.

After a methane explosion in the Pniówek mine, 1,000 meters underground, Maciej Tetłak, badly burned, was sent to a burn treatment center in Siemianowice Śląskie, where he died on April 26 this year. On his thirty-third birthday.

– When she was in this parish church in Wasa’a Maa four days ago, a prayer of thanksgiving was offered for the gift of the deceased’s life. Maciej, on his thirty-third birthday, was in Siemianowice Śląskie, in a parish near the hospital where Maciej was staying at the time. Together with the young men to whom I gave the sacrament of confirmation, we also prayed for the wounded miners. That’s when Maciej went to the Lord – said the father. Archbishop Marek Shkodo.


– When I thought about the fact that Macej died on the anniversary of his birth, I usually remembered from the beginning of Christianity, when believers spoke of the day of death as his birth in heaven. May this be a source of hope for us and our loved ones, despite the difficult trials of the past few days – continued Bishop.

– Maciej was an open man, who served others. He was the deputy chief of the Wisla Maa volunteer fire department, a longtime soccer player for the local LKS, and head of the school’s Parents Council. He left a loving family – his wife Claudia, with whom he lived in marriage for 12 years, although they have known each other much longer; 9-year-old son Vojtek and 6-year-old daughter Elijah – said Metropolitan M.

The wife noticed her husband’s beautiful qualities. She told me he was a good-hearted man, but also had a good sense of humour. He also had a distance from reality and was not easily influenced by emotions. Characterized by determination and diligence. A father, a husband, a friend…helped a lot of people. You can always count on him. This attitude was also caused by his closeness to Jesus – says Bishop Shkodo.

On behalf of Maciej, he thanked Father. Rev. Grzegorz Seweryn. – I will remember him as a man of great courage and great love for his family. When the fire alarm went off at our historic wooden temple, he was always checking to see if anything was wrong. Until recently, there was a lot of joy and a return to normalcy when he and his son Vojtek were kicking a ball in the park…

– Thank you, Father. Archbishop Marek Shkodo to celebrate the Eucharist and the word of God full of hope. I would like to thank my wife Claudia for every day of the 12 years they spent together as a married couple. For 17 years of dating, she was his best friend, partner, and rocker. Thank you for your support in difficult moments at every stage of life. Thanks to the wonderful children: Vojtus and Elijah, who have brought so much joy to their home. I would like to thank the brothers: Tomek, Grezigors, and Kamel, as well as their wives and children. I would like to thank Mother Lucina, Father Rizard, sister-in-law Marzini and her family. On his behalf, I would like to thank all my relatives – my grandmother, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, children of God, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, fellow miners, colleagues from the stadium and guards, thank you for key positions, delegations, districts and local authorities, the Jastrzębska Spółka Council Węglowa, the management of the Pniówek mines and all those involved in the funeral.

Alexander Shimura, director of work at the Beniuf mine, also spoke. He expressed his condolences to the family. He stated that Macej Titak has been working in the mine since 2010. He eagerly expanded his qualifications, gaining the sympathy of his colleagues and the appreciation of his superiors. Every human being on the face of the earth has a mission to accomplish. Macyek left too early. It remains to be believed that he has accomplished his mission, said A. Szymura.

The deceased miner was buried in the parish cemetery near the church. When the coffin was lowered into the tomb, church bells rang, sirens sounded on volunteer fire department guards and on fire trucks, banners were lowered, and the orchestra played “God something Poland.” Before the people separated, they stood silently with their families at the tomb. There was no consolation. In return, relatives asked for a necklace of the Holy Rosary for Masik’s salvation.


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