Bright certificates for high school graduates and technicians

– The Weta honorary title honors our knowledge, efforts and activities for the benefit of the school for four years of study – says Alexandra Rafaelowska, alumna and alumnus and Yulita Chudzinica. Together with his friend, Rafał Jastrzębski, he will receive an award, a kind letter from the Krystyna Michalczyk-Kondratowicz Foundation, daughter of the first director of the Veterinary Technical School. 109 Weta students were given scarlet roses, threw their hats, ate cake, and were taken before their exams. 2022 Concert at Wit and Katulik in Umea

High schools in Lomia organized graduation ceremonies for graduates, which in practice combine a summary of youth activity and gratitude with the presentation of a certificate at the end of the educational course. On Thursday, in High School No. 1 named after T. Kościuszko, after 3 years, 184 students of 6 classes: 115 girls and 69 boys received their diplomas. In M. Konopnicka secondary school, 126 of 4 classes, 126 young people have a school leaving certificate, which they collected on Friday. In both schools, graduates of the last year of junior high school after the reform of the education structure in Poland. On Friday, bright, sunny and very warm (15 ° C) the director of “Ekonomika” Pawe Drożyner also distributed certificates and books to the outstanding students for the final of education, because a total of 119 students from technical and secondary school No. 6 received certificates of completion of the fourth, third and third grades of secondary school No. 3, and 122 graduates deserved certificates of joy and happiness. A celebration was also held at “Mechanics” for the 144 graduates in the 2021/2022 school year, and the exam marathon will start after the wonderful weekend in May and will continue until May 23, 2022.

Wise youth is the result of daily sacrifice

So many scarlet roses, interesting books, sparkling statues, well-deserved diplomas, sincere congratulations and hearty hugs that I had not seen in Weta for a long time in Lomza. A banner is presented, 4 verses of the Polish national anthem are sung, and a white eagle is seen against the background of the white and red flag. Addressed the Director of ZSWiO No. 7, Bogumiła Olbryś, Society with touching and friendly words. I rejoiced, hoping that after 4 years the disciples and students would gain wisdom and nobility. She thanked the Educational Council for educating and educating young people according to the values: God, honor, and homeland. She was happy for her parents because they saw the effects of the daily sacrifice and that their sons were so proud of their fathers and mothers. In the gymnastics room there was the head of the Parents’ Council, Iona Shada, who for 4 years cooperated with the school in activities for the benefit of children. The ceremony was honored by: former history teacher J. Modzilowsky, Patron of Oath, Sr. Mieczkowski, Head of Education P. Piwowarski, ŁPKDN Director M. Sachmaciński, Forestry Inspector D. Godlewski, and Dr. P. Ponichter of WSA. On behalf of the 109 alumni, they thanked the teachers and tutors: Ola Rafałowska and Michał Szabłowski. For 4 years, the walls of the elegantly restored building have known the secrets, weaknesses, sorrows and joys of the heroes of the meeting. Class teachers received bouquets of thanks and colorful flowers: B – Wioletta Chludzińska, C – Marta Jackowska, D – Marta Jankowska, E – Daniel Dzierżyk, F – Aneta Rabek, in whose class Rafał Jastrzębski studied, the character “Wety”. Alexandra Jastrzębska achieved the highest average score – as much as 5.79. The graduates vowed a poignant coincidence, as in the first grade, on a banner, to respect the traditions and dignity of this school.

“The teacher is the best in the world”

Zuzana Malinovska and Jakub Borowski of Olbrich’s song and dance ensemble OMWA presented a thank-you note and a white rose, and choreographer Justina Warziniak and caretaker Magorzata Dubkowska received chocolates – the word “Thank You” in Edith Piaf and a panel with dancing couple Zozia and Cuba. – Cuba is very brave – the director responded with a smile to the surprise outside the program. – It all started with your idea, your belief and your hard work – Thanks Kuba, who also received an award for his 4 year participation on the School Board under the direction of Monika Kalinowska and Aneta Rabek. – Do not think about what is bad, remember what is good – I advised a beloved student, who later, at a meeting with the class teacher, Daniel Dzirk

Offer to watch a movie made just for you. -Mr. Daniel, Class 4 Dad, on my behalf and on behalf of my tenants, thank you for every day and every moment – said Jacob. – How can we come to the Lord with every little thing and you are always trying to help. For your smile, OPR, kind word and motivation for action. I remember when I came to this school, I was standing in a gymnasium and the Lord came and asked for his name, and I answered him that it was Borovsky. The Lord grabbed my arm and said, “I feel sorry for you, I am so sorry, you are on my side.” After the call, we went to the library with the class, quick info there. It’s very scary. And so I loved. After 4 years I can say with my hands on my heart that you have become our father and our guardian angel. In first grade, I didn’t find myself in a new city, school, or dormitory. I wanted to take my papers, because a place in Bialystok became available.

I asked myself, would I ever have such a wonderful teacher anywhere? I decided no, and I still do. You are the best lord in the world! I envy the new students that they will save you as a teacher for 5 years. We’ll be a sorority of computer science and history, we’ll miss: your stories, your life stories, gossip, educational hours, trips, pasting spreads, photos, balls and every day we saw each other. The first gift is a shirt with our signatures on it, so that now we can stand with the Lord like guardian angels, so that the Lord may take care of himself. I couldn’t believe, as the Lord said at the beginning, “Before you know it, you’ll be in the fourth grade.” True, January was a moment ago, and today we say goodbye. Dad, we will miss you…

Mirosław R. Derewońko

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