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At the start of the long weekend in May, we encourage you to read on. There are already many books coming out now, and today we invite you to read some of them. Check for yourself if these items deserve your attention!

“Isaac” Adam Szostak OP (RTCK)

Father Adam Szostak OB invites you to meet with another biblical figure. He has already devoted many publications to the men and women who have appeared in the pages of the Bible. This time, the main character in the Dominican story is Isaac. The most important motive through which his story is described turns out to be … failure! Yes, Father Adam tells us about the failure of men, and about what failed in Isaac’s life. This is a warning and encouragement to arrange your life differently. All this to avoid situations in which Isaac found himself. Unspeakable, as Father Szostak describes it, a hero of the Bible can teach us a lot. This book is intended to be a wise guide to male maturation. The book is accompanied by a series of cards with special tasks that will allow us to work through the content of the publication.

“Believe the impossible. On stained glass by Teresa Maria Reklewska” Monika Braun (WIĘZI Library)

It’s a book that will interest art lovers – especially stained glass. On the one hand, we get a biography of Teresa Maria Recluseka – an outstanding stained glass artist. It is like an overview of her very rich life and work. We look at the next stages of her life and how art went through them. On the other hand, we also get a book on stained glass – their centuries-old history and how they entered the sacred space. The author looks in depth at Reklewska’s work. Offers a specific interpretation of the artist’s artistic production. An interesting addition to the book are the color photographs showing much of Teresa Maria Recluseka’s work.

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St. Moniki “Maggie Green (M Publishing House)

“How to wait, wish and pray for loved ones who have fallen from the faith” – we read in the subtitle of this book. Augustine, who lived at the turn of the third and fourth centuries, is one of the most famous saints of the Church. However, it is worth remembering that before he turned, he led a very tumultuous life. At that time, his mother, Monica, who later became a saint, prayed for his son’s conversion to Islam. Maggie Greene’s book is also written from the perspective of someone who struggles with the fact that not everyone in her family is close to the faith. She has created a kind of guide in which, thanks to short texts, she shares how to deal with a loved one’s lack of faith. He advises how to help such a person, and thus help himself. Until the day our loved ones return, we must also be persistent. It is neither easy nor fun, but it can be a way to get closer to God in this difficult waiting time.” I believe that reading this book can help us understand that someone’s unbelief is a real opportunity for us and that it is never worth losing hope.

“Road to Joy” by Mary David OSB (W Drodze Publishing House)

We obtained a collection of texts by an American nun, Father Mary David OSP. Benedictine nuns entered the monastery of St. Cecilia on the English Isle of Wight. She was a woman of many talents, spreading optimism in others. She struggled with cancer for several years – but she was still full of life and faith in God. The publishing house W Drodze has published excerpts from the letters and conferences of this unusual nun. These texts will enable us to discover the path that leads us to joy. The humble nun has a lot to say on this subject. We can find in the pages of this book many valuable ideas that will help us in organizing our daily life, but also understand the enormity of the love that God surrounds us. On one of the pages of this publication we read “God cares about everything we do, because he wants all our actions to be the incarnate Christ.” On the other hand we find the words: “Christian forgiveness and love must be incorporated into our daily lives and must not remain purely theoretical.”

“Neither Yoga nor Zen. Contemplation of Christian Depth” Wilfrid Stinissen OCD (W Drodze Publishing House)

Searching for some form of prayer “for yourself” is sometimes like searching for the lost Holy Grail. Among the various forms of prayer, it is worth paying attention to the practice of Christian meditation. Many mischievous legends arose around her, and she is at the same time a beautiful and profound form of prayer. In his book, Neither Yoga nor Zen, Wilfrid Stensen helps us discover the beauty of Christian meditation. He invites us to practice this form of prayer. In the book, we will find a lot of content that introduces us both theoretically and spiritually to the practice of Christian meditation, as well as a lot of very practical tips and advice. After this reading, we will learn how to implement this form of prayer in your life. Well, at the end of the book, Stinissen gives us up to twenty different ways to meditate. Al Karmali shows us that meditation is not just a spiritual exercise, it is something much deeper. We read: “For the believer, meditation means striving to communicate with God, and since God is love, contact with Him leads to greater love.”

“Stories from the Bible in Women’s Eyes” Joanna Usic (Święty Wojciech)

This is an interesting look at the Bible. The author impersonates many of the female characters in the Bible and wonders what they might feel, and what feelings they might have experienced during the events in which they were involved. Somehow, I was able to write a bunch of stories about the Bible from a female point of view. We often do not think deeply about various events. Meanwhile – although the event is sometimes described in several lines – it has at times occupied a large space in the minds and hearts of the heroes. I admit that the idea of ​​imagining Bible stories seems very interesting to me. It allows you to take a fresh look at what is often very well known and may even seem like cliched stories. However, Ewa or Sarah has a lot to tell and pass on to us – so let’s listen to their message. This can be a revealing test of our faith.

“St. Charles de Vocalde. Desert Hermit” Marek Przyborca ​​(eSPe)

We end our review of reading with the stories of St. Charles de Focald. It is by no means just a book for fans of classic biographies. In fact, I would say this is a book for fans of fantasy! Marek Przepiórka managed to write a novel about St. Charles. So we come to a fictional version of the life of this French Trappist, who lived at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We know that he is the patron saint of the Church. But how did he reach this holiness? Was he always close to the Catholic community? The author of the novel tries to deal with these questions. This book definitely allows you to get to know the character of St. Charles – without going into scholarly or “serious” biographies. We need books that show the lives of people important to the world of faith in a light and accessible format.

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