Bohdan Smalley, “And Be Quiet”: These words fell on the coffin of the actor

  • The book “And be quiet there!” is an autobiography of a man few people truly know and understand. A man may not know and understand himself
  • Katarzyna Olkovich describes the legendary actor’s final farewell and speech by Zenon Lasquik, with whom Smalley has been feuding for years.
  • “In my opinion, it was not a typical theater performance in Laskwek, but a letter from the one who bid farewell to Bohdan Smoleń as an artist’s friend, but also said farewell to him as someone with whom he had drunk a part of his life” – quotes Maciej Smoleń.
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.in the end

Maciej and his wife do not want to attend Bohdan’s funeral, but Eric, their thirteen-year-old son, wants to say goodbye to his grandfather. So they concede: everyone will go, but in stealth, they will not stand in the front row usually reserved for the closest family, and will merge with the crowd. During ceremonies in the church and in the cemetery of St. Peter’s Parish for Roman Catholics. Anthony Badewski in Przyumero, Joanna Kubisa and her son Jacek and Partek with his family standing next to the coffin. To the surprise of many, Xenon Lasquik spoke over the coffin. Among other things, he says:[…] In those last words that I wanted […] To end our never ending conversation […] During our meeting in the hospital. I wanted to tell you that I have always been a friend of yours, especially your talent, which I first noticed at FAMA in Owenogese. When you sing this song about a little rooster with a feather […]But I saw this talent and remembered it. in 1976 […] I went to Krakow, remembered your talent, and offered to cooperate. Perhaps you did not think until the end, but it was your talent that inspired me mainly and thanks to this, such wonderful songs were created childlike the interview with Pelagia that I wrote only for that talent, or S the back of the store. At first there was no enthusiasm, as you remember when I brought up this script, but I knew your talent would encourage it. This is what happened. That’s why I thank you for all these years of success, and I’m so glad we made history on the right side. But I never wanted to be your friend, Bodzia. That you understand it well and hear it, where your soul is now. The friend who sat by the bottle smoking cigarettes. I didn’t want it, I wanted to get out of it. You know, I made it. You didn’t listen to me until the end, I’m so sorry for that. And somehow it so happened that our conversation stopped and we could never get back to it. That’s why I came back to it today. Look, there is faith in me, and there is hope that we will meet there somewhere. I do not know that the most wonderful God […]”.

Some people hold a grudge against Laskwek for what he said during the speech. Macyj is grateful, he wanted to thank him for that. “For the sake of basic honesty, because Mr. Zenon knew that among those standing over the coffin, there are many people with alcoholism to their father who would not say anything because they would not have the microphone in their hands or would not have the courage to speak. Perhaps they would not. Be ready, too, to say, “Bohdan, you did it right, it is wrong and I say goodbye to you, I am reconciled with you, but realize you hurt me.” Bohdan Smoleń as a fellow artist, but also says goodbye to him as someone with whom he drinks part of his life .

Smolens also bids farewell to the throngs of friends and fans and his beloved horses, which were hailed by Poznan policemen at the end of the party. The President of the Republic of Poland posthumously awarded him the Knight’s Cross, and Bartosz Smolcz received it on behalf of his father.

Photo: Archive / PAP

Bohdan Smalley and Zenon Lasquik (1984)

During the funeral, Maciej wants to speak to Laskwek in person. Thank, but also ask about a few things. For example, whether it is true that Zenon Laskowik is the godfather of him and Piotrek. Or why in 2012 he treated him so harshly when Maciej went backstage to say hi to him after prom. There was a wonderful occasion – Laskowik sent an invitation to Smoleni to perform. He gave them to Macic. Maciej wanted to talk to his “uncle” also about alcohol – like an alcoholic who doesn’t drink with an alcoholic. “I was also curious if he wanted to tell me anything about their struggle. But he treated me in a condescending manner, like a passionate fan. He didn’t want to talk. It was the same in the aftermath. I reached for him. He was playing on the phone, he didn’t even look up. We sat in He was silent for a few minutes, he didn’t even look at me. For some reason he avoided calling. I regret it had such a big impact on my father and our whole family. I wonder if he had offended my father more in the past than we knew. And Zenon Lasquik apologized for something to my father, and it was my father Upset by him, he returned from the concerts and got angry, I told him that someone had handed him a letter from Lasquik, which said: “Pogo, I was at the concert, you’re doing well, I apologize to you, Zinek Lasquik” I don’t take it literally, but my dad was angry About it. His reaction was like a wounded offender apologizing to him in hindsight as if to say: Now you don’t even know what you did. And the other person is in a panic because if he apologizes, he will feel guilty. We know a rule of treatment for alcoholics: a realistic person must apologize and compensate , fully aware that some people can’t apologize. Not because they died, but because they are sorry You come to them so often that they won’t accept an apology. Maybe it was that kind of situation.”

Zenon Laskowik never remembers writing a letter of apology to Bohdan Smoleń. Nor does he remember the situation when Maciej Smoleń tried to talk to him after the concert and at Bohdan’s funeral. “I was in such feelings that I might not have heard him, I might not have recognized him,” he wonders. My friend, it cost me a lot. “

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Katarzyna Olkowicz, “And Be Quiet”: book cover

Bohdan Smolley’s funeral was held on December 20. The body was buried in Przeźmierowo Cemetery.

Joanna Kubisa still manages the Foundation for the establishment of Mr. Smoleń, continuing his work. He feels Bohdan’s presence, as if he is watching everything that is happening in Pranwick and smiles under his mustache. He says, “I can’t imagine doing something he wouldn’t. Every time I change, I ask, and I ask, I wonder if he’d like it. There were parties with rain and bad weather. It might rain when the awards are presented inside, but During the competition, the sun is always shining. Even when there are morning clouds in the sky, during these few hours of riding, it breaks. But you do the weather. And smile after every event: Look? I did. That’s it. Before the competition, we move on To Heaven: An illusion! Remember. And he remembers.”


The above excerpt is from the book Shut Up There! Katarzyna Olkowicz, which was launched on the market on April 26, 2022 by Rebis Publishing.

This is a biography of a man who stirs up a lot of controversy, from admiration to regret and bitterness. A man who can be good but also unpleasant to people who are important to him. Committed to escape from intimate relationships in an instant. In the last years of his life he was sick and disgusted. A man that few people really know and understand. A man may not know and understand himself.

Katarzina Olkovic – Journalist and reporter associated with several press titles, including “Express Wieczorny” and “Viva!”. She was deputy editor-in-chief of “Pani”, “Zwierciadle” and “Twój Styl”. Graduate of Journalism at the University of Warsaw and Social Psychology at SWPS.

Do you have an alcohol problem and need help? You can contact the AA . community Through the official website Or by phone: (22) 828 04 94 or 801033242.

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