Blanka Lipinska pays homage to Carolina Corwin Piotrovska and her review of the new ‘365 Days’: ‘I have a CENTRALNIE WD*PIE’

New job” Blanca Lipinska Guests have been on the Netflix platform for several days and have already urged most of the reviewers to form highly critical opinions. 365 days: this day It’s gaining negative reviews perhaps faster than its predecessor, and the most bizarre scenes from the movie in history have been primarily recorded as the inspiration for the memes.

Critical Opinions on the Next “Blow” Blanca Lipinska They also flock from the Polish backyard. Iowa Kaspersky He mentioned that the movie can only be viewed while scrolling, mafashion “spit” while sorting, a Sarah Borock Without watching the movie, I decided it wasn’t worth wasting time on it. The icing on the cake was the review Carolina Corwin PiotrovskaWho is the title of the movie? “coplodrome”.

In the first 40 minutes with the hook there is Laura and Massimo’s theater, in different modes and venues, with different songs in the background.. (…) Massimo avenger, beautiful Sicilian, delicious paella, and Laura is still the idiot who gives blankets and doesn’t wear any pantiesHe does not believe. In general, it is not necessary. Plus, we have 5th grade reading book level dialogues filled with the exciting word ‘silly’They also speak English and Italian. (…) The text has gone somewhere, and you need to sew a story. The directors, and there are two of them, are still learning. The Weekend Direction has yet to reach them, because what will take you about 150 minutes of life is nothing more than a boring edit of Sicilian music clips decorated with soft porn and luxury straight from Moliera2 and Vitkac stores. Calling it a movie offends those who make real movies – I wrote.

If you’re curious about how the author of the memorable “Work” reacted to Carolina’s words, here’s what we found out. Her response appeared on Instastories Blanki and It does not appear to be considered the target of Korwin Piotrowska’s review. But at first, Lipinska decided to tell everyone that she was “centric in the d*pie”.

Blanca Lipinska, in a euphemistic sense, would have a central role in the d*pie. but why? Probably because I don’t know who Mrs. Korwin Piotrowska is, except that she always judges, criticizes or insults someone – I started.

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The controversial “writer” also asserts that she did not bother to criticize Carolina, because she is not her mother, and in fact she has nothing to worry about. She considers the review of the journalist, in which she wrote directly what the problem is, boring.

Why should I care what such a poisoned and remorseful man thinks? If my mother says this to me, I will care, but when Corwin Petrovska says it, forgive me, but she continues to say the same about everyone, which is not a pleasant thing. It’s boring #HatersGonnaHejt – summed up.

So it remains to hope that Mom will finally tell Blanca what the problem is …

Everyone criticizes, the void counts the money … That’s it, the more welcome, the more money!

Plania – It’s not hate. It is an opinion. Very elegant and sufficient.

Many public figures criticize this movie as such, and understand that you are only a small percentage of women. My friends and I dream about what the main character in the movie will do for us. It could be the poor guy.

Maybe let’s listen to all sides. There are some women who want to be raped. They also deserve a platform for expression, not the same faces over and over again.

Magda Natasha and Simone were fine, the rest 💩

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moimb smartphone…


P. Carolina, the last bastion of normalcy. Well..the era of people thinking is coming to an end.

Yes, I also criticized it for what, but then I thought … this is amazing cinema.. Did Emmanuel make sense, great plot and actors? Oh no. Likewise with other films of this type. It’s not just an ordinary movie genre. Although this could have been done better.

With Piotrowska…… I tensed and got better.. It didn’t work… / Turned off the TV..

It has centrally in? It’s a big central D. That’s no compliment

Madonna probably had the worst reviews in the world, so everyone had a great time dancing with her bad ’80s voice. Relax! If you want an ambitious play that you won’t understand, but that will frustrate you forever, go to a challenging play in the theater.

She “creates”, or rather “does something”, which most people do not like, and then does not care about any opinion .. if it were positive, it would have been in it like a pig in the mud, but she did not. After working out, I suddenly became uninterested in anything.

The sayings of the heroes in the first part were at the reading level, not from the fifth grade but from the first grade – full of curses.

Comments na agielsko-jezycznych potalach: awesome, nice few shots, more like a long ad then a movie, no actors to act but people of different professions trying to act while looking pretty, the music was annoying, a waste of time 3.5 rating. This nonsense enslaves women .. not in the right way. To be honest, I especially liked the music and the lyrics… the rest is not malicious

This pressure is not a film is the bottom. Aside from the fact that they were filming it without text. Behaving level 0.5 out of 10. Logical errors. Down, down, down

I’m not ashamed, but this is a porn movie… these are sexual fantasies, you know who’s going… why these comments… everyone has their own point of view…


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Corwin Piotrowska is a journalist and film art critic, Blanca is the beater of teenage “moetas” from a notorious club.

Today in Commissioner Alexa I saw Mikołaj Bartosiewicz. awesome man. He is tall, attractive, athletic and handsome. I like. I don’t think I will sleep soon – I will dream. Oh.

Everything indicates that there may be a third part

95% of people locate the entire Polish business center

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