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Anya Rubik constantly defends the media and fans to get into his own world. And even when she finally revealed who she shares her life with, she was still very frugal about her partner. We were able to find out more about Adrian Steirner…

Anja Rubik is One of the most famous and respected models in the world. During her career spanning more than two decades, she has appeared in shows such as Balmain, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Alexander McQueen and Anthony Vaccarello. She’s been Khloe’s face for years, and brands like Armani, Givenchy, Lanvin or Yves Saint Laurent. She has been on the covers of the world’s most important fashion magazines, and has been photographed by the most famous photographers – including Annie Leibovitz, David Bailey, Ellen von Unwerth, Jurgen Teller, Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier.

Throughout her career, Anja Rubik has kept beautiful and…a secret. The exception was her relationship with the Serbian model Sasha Knejevic. After their separation, Rubik stopped giving any information about her private life. Then Adrian Stern appeared in her life …

Anja Rubik – Love and parting in front of the world

Anya Rubik met Serbian ex-basketball player and model Sasha Knezevic at work. When they first met, they were in a relationship. However, by the time of their next meeting, the situation had changed and In late 2007, Rubik and Knezevic became a couple. They got engaged on Christmas 2010 and married less than a year later during a big celebration in Mallorca.

The couple appeared together at official events, participated in advertising campaigns and She gave interviews about her love and marriage. When the latter ended in divorce in 2016, Anja Rubik revealed in an interview with a Polish magazine the reason for her separation from her husband:

There was no drama because our breakup extended over time. Along the way, it turns out that we wanted to live different lives, live in different places, but still love each other. So it was a difficult and protracted decision – Anya Rubik said about the divorce from Sasha Knezhevich. – In the end, we decided that in order for this to continue, either he would have to give up many things, or I would have to. And we came to the conclusion that either I would not forgive him or he would forgive me. It is impossible to live like this.

After this public meltdown, the model has become very ambiguous. She has not revealed who she is currently dating. In 2016, she was briefly associated with Waris Ahluwalia Indian designer and actor. However, it is more likely that Warissa and Anja developed a similar friendship and worldview. Together they attended a women’s rights rally in Paris and took part in the campaign against xenophobia.

Anja Rubik for a new partner

Journalists are already used to the fact that Angie Rubik’s private life (with a special focus on her love life) is a taboo topic that should not be discussed with her. It was even more surprising when she was a model and an activist She talked about her new relationship in a Polish magazine.

In an interview with a journalist from the magazine “Viva”, Rubik admitted that she was in a relationship and that she was “very happy”. As Anya Rubik admitted it It took time to mature for a new relationship:

We met at the right moment, I am more mature, I already know what I do not want – says Anja Rubik about the new relationship. – After various experiences, I know what works for me and what does not. I do not have to accept any concessions in life, only small ones, like shoes scattered in the aisle, which should not be lying there, but … lie. And it doesn’t change anything (laughs). We support each other a lot, complement each other, and understand that. It’s a beautiful relationship, I have to admit.

The model also revealed that its I started a new relationship with friendship:

We started a friendship, we met for a long time, but each of us had his own life. Some time ago we started together and… it went really smoothly. We fell in love. Now we’re navigating between South Africa and Europe. I rented my apartment in New York and Paris, looking for new housing.

Interestingly, speaking of the ground floor, Anja Rubik does not reveal her name and surname. The photo of the new beloved model should be compiled from the snippets of information she carefully addressed in the interview and photos that can be found on her Instagram. So who is this mysterious man?

Anja Rubik’s new partner.
Source: Instagram / @anja_rubik

Anja Rubik’s new partner – who is it

Adrian Steirn was born in Sydney in 1979 and has a younger brother. He owes his life not only to his parents, but also to his profession and place of residence. Because, when he was only 6 years old, they took him on an African safari. Since then, with my family first and then alone, Steirn has returned to Africa regularly. And in 2008 he settled there permanently, settling in Cape Town, South Africa.

Thanks to his parents, and more specifically his father, Adrian Steirn fell in love with photography.

I wasn’t one of those kids who got interested in photography early on, Steirn says in an interview with a CNBC Africa journalist. My father had cameras, but he was the worst photographer in the world.

Before one of the family’s trips to Africa, Steirn His father asked if he could borrow a camera from him for this trip. My father agreed, and Adrian, reading the manual for borrowed equipment on the plane, “fell in love with photography,” as he himself explained in one of the interviews. Soon, when he was thirteen, he got his first waterproof camera. The fact that the camera was waterproof is so important because Steiner took it with him to the beach and took pictures while surfing.

Although he spent a lot of time with the camera in hand, Adrian Steiner He didn’t intend to become a photographer but…a lawyer – He even started studying in this field. However, at the same time, he traveled a lot, and at one point he decided to use the camera that accompanies him on these trips to earn money for his trips.

He started filming in earnest at the age of twenty and from the start he had ambitious goals – He wanted his photos to tell important stories and change the world for the better“Every time I hold a camera in my hand, I do it to make a positive change,” Steiner said in an interview.

Adrian Steiner’s photos are black and white photos. He takes photos of extraordinary people, reportage photos and photos of wild nature. This last activity is particularly close to him. As an environmental activist, he has traveled with camera through the rainforests of Brazil and Uganda, the mountain ranges of Nepal and the Caucasus, and the plains of the Serengeti.

He collaborates permanently with the World Wildlife Fund in South Africa – an international organization that strives to conserve the natural environment and reduce human impact on it. Within this collaboration, Steirn mainly focuses on Documenting the effects of overfishing.

there Creator of The 21 Icons Project – a series of photos and videos dedicated to exceptional people who are changing the world for the better. As part of this series, Stern portrayed, among others, Bishop Desmond Tutu, former South African President Frederick Willem de Klerk and Nobel Prize-winning South African writer Nadine Gordimer.

As part of the 21 Icons project, it was also created One of the most beautiful and perhaps the last pictures of Nelson Mandela. The photo of the 95-year-old African anti-apartheid activist, President of South Africa and Nobel Peace Prize laureate was published in 60,000. newspapers around the world.

Notably, Adrian Steiner is an avid runner. His two adorable dogs, Scout and Tinkerbell, accompany him on grueling rides through the African plains and mountains.

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