We will pay this tax for everyone. Huge money will disappear from the wallets of the Poles

Later this year, small Polish entrepreneurs and their employees will suffer lower taxes. The amount of realized income tax has been reduced from 17 to 12 percent. However, as our economic consultant claims, this is a game of picture. Is the government planning a tax retreat? The Poles’ money was targeted by the Ministry of Finance. Events outside our eastern borders have a huge impact on this.

The European Union is in no hurry to provide real financial support to Poland, which receives millions of refugees from Ukraine. Donald Tusk promised money, but he didn’t keep his promise. Not only the former president of the European Council has intervened in Brussels. It is clear that the Polish authorities did as well. However – even if the money is transferred to us – it is almost symbolic. What exactly?

Are we all going to pay this tax? “It’s a drop in the ocean of needs.”

Well, as the financial portal money.pl reported at the beginning of April: “EU countries providing shelter to refugees from Ukraine will immediately receive 3.4 billion euros.” However, few pay attention to the fact that not only Ukrainians go to Poland. Although the vast majority of them stay with us, many also choose neighboring countries. Although the Germans, for example, are not very enthusiastic about giving them shelter. How about Slovakia, Hungary or Romania?

Poland – even if it received half of the mentioned funds – would not be able to support more than 4 million refugees and their children for them. Which – like the Poles – would get 500 plus for each child, plus other types of social support. With this number of beneficiaries, the money would be in the tens of billions.

According to the European Union, these funds should be sufficient to, among other things, run:

  • Payment for infrastructure, housing and equipment,
  • ensuring employment, education and social inclusion,
  • Providing health care and childcare for refugees.

New taxes soon? Funds needed “at the moment”

OTO360 Group business consultant Michai Pollack notes that the recent PIT cut was a kind of “PR game” on the government’s part. – So that people would not say: “They introduced new taxes and rob us,” they lowered them. However, this does not mean that we will not soon pay some kind of “solidarity tax” for refugees – Pole says. as noted – The money that will be allocated to us from the European Union is “a drop in the ocean of needs”. However, even before the wave of immigration, our economic situation was not the best.

Since we have already accepted about 4 million people, or rather families from Ukraine, we must provide for them A worthy start. Therefore, we give each person 500 plus and other benefits, on an equal footing with the Poles. The crazy social policy spending constituted a heavy burden on the state budget. Especially in the era of the pandemic and beyond, when we hit high inflation – Mickey Pollack points out. Now they will increase by ten percent or so. So you need the money now. And even – colloquially – wildly.

New taxes on refugees?

Although of course we are in favor of accepting war refugees Across the eastern border, a little worried We ask our business advisor if we can pay new taxes soon. Funds will be transferred from it to support families from across the Bug River. The answer he gave is very interesting.

– It is doubtful that the government will announce the imposition of new taxes, especially before the elections. If money is needed literally ‘for the time’, they prefer to use the terms in ‘temporary solidarity tax’ style, it will imply that we should unite, etc. – says the pole. But he adds: On the other hand, in the event that there are sufficient funds for the parliamentary elections, they will remain silent on the matter until the results are announced, so as not to lose support, especially from the lower social classes. Personally, however, I think that if the so-called new taxes will not appear until after the election.

Moreover, the truth is that Brussels, which has not had the best relations with Warsaw in recent years, will certainly not be ready to allocate more money to us. And the more the German authorities became discontented, for example, with Putin’s policy – let’s say it that way – to moderation.

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