These things will be trendy in 2022!

Each year, Pinterest publishes its popular Predicts Report, a compendium of knowledge on trends and the fashion industry. Thanks to this, brands can predict what interests consumers and how to meet their needs. What does Pinterest collect information from? What clothes, accessories and textiles will be fashionable? Will trends change drastically?

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Pinterest Predicts 2022 – How is the report prepared?

The popular social network Pinterest doubles as boards for inspiration, plans, motivation, and visual feedback. Based on the increase in search results for specific phrases, you can see the effect on the actual popularity of things and experiences, and help you discover future trends. Pinterest users often plan their future in it, which means that the platform can predict on this basis what will enjoy an increase in popularity and what will not. Pinterest has selected as many as 35 trends for 2022, which are often directly related to fashion and are divided according to audience – Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. We can distinguish between categories such as cars, beauty, fashion, finance, interests, home, parenting, animals, technology, travel, and luxury.

Expect Pinterest: Goth

From niche to mainstream, first in the United States, and then in Europe, in the Gothic style. Pinterest predicts it will hit the mainstream this year for all age groups. Gothic fashion will enter into everyday design, even among children. However, Gothic will not rely solely on the black style. The full spectrum of this style is in trend with different variations such as commercial goth, cybergoth, anime goth, and cowboy goth.

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Pinterest Prediction: Chessboard

The chessboard will become the most elegant type of pattern in 2022 and will be present in many clothes, shoes, accessories and interiors. Two-tone squares will appear on carpets, nails, cases, and suits. The popular Vans checkerboard sneakers will experience its renaissance and the brand’s sales will become successful once again.

Predict Pinterest

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Predicting Pinterest: pearls

Pearls in fashion will take on a new meaning this year. It will become more and more popular, and famous products from oysters will begin to appear as the main (and sometimes even the only) element of jewelry and will decorate not only our neck and ears, but also clothes, accessories, hairstyles, nails and makeup. The pearl color and the pattern inspired by the interior of the shells will become the basis of our design, especially the wedding.

Predict Pinterest: Best Friends

Friendship necklaces and bracelets are back in a new edition. T.What styles, matching jewelry, and color matching – this year, the celebration of friendship will take fashion to the next level. Wearing the same clothes to a party will not be a cause for shame, but quite the contrary – a feeling of pride. Pinterest suggests that the best way to celebrate your loved one is to opt for friendship rings, the search for which has increased by a whopping 50%.

Predict Pinterest

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Pinterest Prediction: The Hours

Pinterest notes that interest in concepts like aesthetic watch And View the watch collection by 55% and 65%. Watches, considered a classic and outdated, will become an object of desire and an indispensable accessory in men’s and women’s fashion. The report notes that consumers will be looking for original and unusual models, even oversized ones, and that jewelry bracelets will turn into watch bracelets. It will become especially fashionable in France, where the development of this trend will be especially noticeable.

Predict Pinterest

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Predict Pinterest: dopamine colors, or bright colors

Beige, white and black are forgotten, replaced in their place dopamine padwhich is a vibrant colour. The bright, eye-catching colours, color blocking, glamorous overall look, and rainbows promise to be one of the hottest fashion inspirations of the year. This is to improve your mood with colorful clothes that will stimulate the development of dopamine – the hormone of happiness. Fuchsia, emerald green, and cobalt will reign supreme in styles in 2022.

Expect Pinterest: glamorous jewelry

The era of simple rings, colorful necklaces worn in doubles, and thick gold earrings is coming to an end. In 2022, thanks to Generation Z, jewelry will rise to a much higher level. It will cease not only to be an element that adorns our ears, hands and necks, but will also become an element of makeup, jewelry and even teeth. Cross earrings and mouth piercings are also growing noticeably. It means time to be cranky and crazy about jewelry.

Time will tell whether or not Pinterest is wrong about the latest trends. Which of them interest you the most and would you convey it to your style?

Predict Pinterest

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Text: Alexandra Trendak

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