New interiors for the Polish brand BIZUU boutique

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Wood, marble and warm velor accents – the interiors of the post-transformation BIZUU boutique in Warsaw are a tribute to spring’s awakening and nature to life. Featured group “Take a look!” in the new space.

Spring is the time when nature is reborn and brought back to life. It’s also a time for change. The BIZUU boutique in Warsaw at 24 Koszykowa Street has also undergone a spring makeover, the new space inspired by the colors of spring is the perfect setting for the Polish brand’s spring-summer collection. Interiors consistent with the designs on the hangers underline the direction the brand is headed. As the owners of BIZUU, Zuzanna Wachowiak and Blanka Jordan argue, design and design are things that are close to their hearts. Therefore, wanting to surround itself with beautiful things, BIZUU decided to change for its customers.

In 2021, we celebrated the 10th birthday of the brand. Our shop, or rather its style, was very old-fashioned. The first BIZUU store in Warsaw is located on Koszykowa Street 1. Currently, it can be said that it is an iconic neighborhood, in the immediate vicinity of Regina, Joel and Kiosk boutique. After a few years, we moved about 400 meters to a place whereAboutRe is now referred to as the “Polish designers’ roundabout”. We appreciate the fact that we are neighbors with other Polish brands, such as 303 Avenue, Łukasz JemiołZosia Chylak, Le Petit Trou, Jagg… we created our first boutique style ourselves. It was supposed to be “French”, warm and homely. It wasOn an equal footingę strong pointAboutin ktAboutRecreate this interior: whiteBad wooden hangers, plaid, and a distinctive pink sofa, on itAboutSharon Stone was sitting alone. Over time, the fashion for gray walls in interiors with pink elements has become very popular. We have also changed, matured, our product rangeAboutin a lot. We felt this was the perfect moment for a new setup for our brand – convinces Susanna Wachowiak, co-owner of Peso.

(Photo: press materials)

The idea of ​​new colours, functionality of the space and the presentation form of the collection inspired the interior change. Studio Poznań LOFT, responsible for the project, rose to the occasion. Design Bureau Chief Architect, Patrick Mateja, and Creative Director, Konrad Opala, found the perfect balance between austerity and organic details as well as the brand’s softness and ultra-feminine character.

The boutique’s post-transformation interior design is a perfect example of modern boho style. The bright walls are broken by its interesting structure. Raw Rosa Portogallo marble softens the pink “veins,” and simple ties contrast with oval bouquet-trimmed furniture. All furniture is individually designed to meet the needs of the new living room. A unique accent in the boutique space are the organic cubes and gallery accessories made by a local sculptor. The entire interior is skillfully wrapped in velor curtains. Mirrors are an equally important component. Thanks to the convenient location and arrangement, it offers extraordinary visual effects and fantastic light gameplay. And the wooden logo of the brand on the background of a wall lined with ceramic tiles with an unusual structure is the perfect complement to the whole. As Zuzanna Wachowiak argues, the goal of this transformation was to create an interior that would serve as a beautiful backdrop to the brand’s collection. – For several years, almost every print on canvas has been designed by BIZUU. Everything for us is like the picture that we begin to draw from a white canvas. Bright walls of different textures, organic and soft shapes of upholstered furniture create a delicate, delicate and artistic feminine interior. The spacious and upholstered fitting room was meant to give a sense of incredible warmth and comfort. Finally, the interior coheres with the architecture of the tenement house, evoking associations with beautiful Parisian buildings – Explains co-owner of BIZUU.

(Photo: press materials)

The lightness of the screen puts the clothing at the forefront – the brand’s masterpiece that speaks for itself. The motto of the Spring-Summer collection is “Take a look!” He encourages you to familiarize yourself with the latest proposals of the brand for the spring-summer season, as well as to visit the boutique after the transformation.

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