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The 15th edition of the Mastercard Off Camera Independent Film Festival begins on Friday in Krakow. After two years of respite – related to the COVID-19 pandemic – festival organizers invite you to a cinematic outing. The event will run until May 8th. The festival will include film screenings, artist interviews and alternative concerts. In order to meet the expectations of fans of independent cinema, a part of the festival’s repertoire will be available on

The International Festival of Independent Film Mastercard Off Camera takes place in Krakow from April 29 to May 8, 2022. After two years of rest – related to the COVID-19 pandemic – the festival organizers invite you to a cinematic outing.

Krakow Film Award Competition

The main point of the Mastercard Off Camera Festival program is the international competition for the Krakow Film Award. Creators who show their first or second movie compete for the $25,000 grand prize.

The international jury is always headed by a Polish filmmaker. The competition will include: “Beautiful Objects” (Dir. Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson), “Between Two Dawn” (Salman Nakar), “Hard Shell, Soft Shell” (Emma Penstan), “Others” (Alexandra Terbiska), “Inventory” ( Der. Darko Cinco), “Josephine” (Der. Javier Marco), “Miss Vyborg” (Der. Marian Bleacher), “The Hawk” (Der. Adam Soberg and Shane Winslow), “Stavrum” (Der. Sonia Taroki “and” The real things ”(Der. Harry Wotliff).

In turn, in the Polish feature film competition, 10 feature films compete for 100,000 PLN. The international jury for this competition includes: Kim Magnuson, winner of two Oscars, Trudy Styler, film producer, and Green Humphries, director of the Dublin International Film Festival. The following will compete for the title of best Polish film: “Because There’s Sex in Me” by Katarzyna Klimkevich, “Sordid Bornholm” by Anna Kaczyk, “Magdalena” by Philip Gildon, “Songs About Love” by Thomas Habowski, “Back to Those Days” by Konrad Aksenovich, ” Sonata “Bartosz Blaschke,” Supporters of “Jakob Michalczuk,” “The Wayrum” Piotr Zotorovic, “Nothing Soup” by Kinga Dubska and “Let There Be No Traces” by Jan B. Matusinski.

The festival’s program board will also select a group of nominees for acting awards. The Mastercard Rising Star Award for Best Acting will be presented for the first time once again. Festival competitions are part of the “Picture of the World… The World in Pictures” project.

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Film screenings, meetings and concerts

In order to meet the expectations of fans of independent cinema, a part of the festival’s repertoire will be available on

The performances as part of the festival were divided into thematic sections. As part of the section “A healthy mind in a healthy body?” The filmmakers raised the issue of mental health, explaining that apparent weakness can be turned into strength.

The films presented as part of the “Unexpected Reigns” section talk about the blurred alliances between characters who differ in almost every aspect. The “Age of Innocence” section, which is a partner in Anja Rubik’s #SEXEDPL social campaign, is dedicated on the one hand to the changes taking place in paradigms and ways of talking about childhood. On the other hand, it reveals its darker, less conspicuous and non-standard face to the viewers. In turn, The Future Is Now – a section produced in collaboration with the Bergen International Film Festival – focuses on films that deal with the growing environmental crisis and models for dealing with it. The products show that strength lies in cooperation and collective struggle for a better tomorrow.

Mastercard Off Camera 15th EditionTVN24

Genre, social and social boundaries, and finally geographical boundaries – this will be the theme for this year’s Serialcon player, which – for the second time – has taken the title sponsorship. This festival’s special robotic band focuses solely on what’s happening on the small screen. From April 30 to May 3, meetings with TV series guests will be held in the Cinema City and the series will be shown on a large cinema screen. OFF SCENE is also a proven part of the festival. Each day of the festival will end with an alternative concert.

The makers of the festival bow to the refugees from Ukraine. All films in the Polish Feature Film Competition will be translated into Ukrainian.

– We want to share our cinematography, show these films. Especially since this year’s competition is productions that give hope. I have the impression that this hope has become one of the main themes. Hope and Solidarity – said festival spokeswoman Alija Moulewicz before the start of the festival.

The festival has been held since 2008, during that time 65,000 guests visited Krakow.

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