Interior design program – an overview of the best offers

If you are at the stage of arranging an apartment or you are facing a general renovation – an interior design program can prove to be an invaluable help. We have made a list of free offers that will do well in this task.

Free Interior Design Software – Recommended Suggestions

We have prepared for you a list of programs that will help in interior design. they are usually free, However, there is a possibility Expand their careers and possibilities – However, this involves paying an additional fee. So, which free interior design software should you choose?

floor plan

a tool that enables Two-dimensional and three-dimensional interior planning. Another strong point is also that it is a web tool There is no need to download and install separate software. In the free version, we can access 150 thousand items, Which we generally find in homes and a whole bunch of editing tools.

After completing the construction plan, nothing prevents you from switching to 3D view and finish decorating a particular room by placing different types of items in it. The floor plan also has a low entry threshold – Mastering the operation of the tool does not cause major problems, only condition Knowledge of English.


completely An advanced tool, even in its free basic version. The free version is supported in the browser, but if it turns out to be insufficient for you, it is possible to test a more comprehensive version for Installed on your device – for 30 days.



What do you offer? First of all, in the paid version High degree of immersion: While visiting the monuments of our work, we feel as if we are visiting our future apartment, however, any changes can be made on the spot and will not be associated with long repairs. SketchUp Free Software should not disappoint your expectations – you can plan in it a room with blocks that can imitate furniture, what you want to set. The free version is suitable for hobby apps Or for people who need an in-house planner in Seto. The paid version, given the degree of sophistication, is intended for people who deal with it professionally.

DFS Room Planner

An online tool offered by a British store that sells, among others, will. It does not have a great degree of development, but up to The internal layout would be as fast as he found it. It provides opportunities like Choosing the shape and size of the room, changing the colors of the walls, and finally choosing the appropriate type of flooring (Wooden floors – carpets – tiles).

For the scheme provided by the store, the DFS room planner is a very good tool | Source:

As if that wasn’t enough, you can freely Switch between 2D and 3D views And put it inside A wide range of furniture, accessories and decorations. It is definitely an option worth checking out if you need to see a specific room and time is running out.


The tool will allow you to implement a complete design of a particular room: From the layout of the interior to the final touches in the form of furniture placement. And most importantly, the furniture available in the format Main be Delivered to the catalog by real producers. This means that we will use commercially available furniture to finish our room.

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a tool Available from browser level and offers Switch from 2D view to 3D view. This is a useful option that we use after creating our interior so that we can decorate it. Unfortunately, we are in the free version Limited to 5 projects.

5D scheme

A web application that has its own The odds are compared to SketchUp, This is a big difference. In addition, they are available in PolishSo it will definitely be easier to use. They deserve to be commended Many options and the possibility of free exploration of the interior made by us. Of course, there was no shortage of freedom here Transition between 2D and 3D.

Planner 5D interior design software
Planner 5D has a fully advanced 3D rendering | Source:

You can start your business from scratch and design the shape of the rooms, but there is nothing stopping you, To use ready-made projects. It’s possible Adding a second floor and a roof And filling our room with furniture – unfortunately only the basic furniture in the free version. It is worth noting that the application It is also available for Android and iOS phones. This means that you can freely use it outside of your computer, designing the interior, for example, on the bus on the way to work.

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Are you looking for something easy to use? Roomstyler 3D will be a good choice! The easy control of this tool is one of its many advantages. Even if something is difficult, The creators have prepared a video tutorial, Which in just 5 minutes will remove any ambiguity. OK, but what can we find in the tool itself?

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Even if Access to a lot of furniture and appliances. Suffice it to say that if we plan a garage project, we can even put it in it Kawasaki sports motorcycle! Roomstyler 3D This is amazing Great tool, easy to use and fast to use, Which will surely please many of you.


creators Cedrio On their website they brag that this is The only 3D tool that allows you to create a complete house project in less than 2 hours – Including furniture! In its free version Cedrio gives us access to one project However, it should be noted that it is a platform for more professional applications and this is where it spreads its wings.

Cedrio | Source:

The big plus is that it doesn’t focus only on interiors – With its help, we can plan the development of space around our house. A feature that the lion’s share of tools of this type overlooks, which, after all, may be just as important. In the paid version it is unfortunately a bit expensive – eg for one design need pay $99, However, then we win Access to all tools show it Cedrio.


application for installed on computers running Windows or macOS, Which is offered in the free version Create 10 projects. romion give us a chance Interior design and filling with necessary supplies. Interestingly, it allows you to inspect the room from Three different points of view: A person in it, a free camera and an overhead (satellite) view.

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In addition, we have a lot Freedom in terms of creating a three-dimensional room. It is commendable the ability to change the time of day, To check how our room would look at different lighting levels. romion Easy to learn, and also offers a wide range of furniture, Which we can already buy (like IKEA).


Completely free tool And not just for experts, as we can read on the homepage. But don’t be fooled by appearances: The program offers a wide library of things, that we can use while using it. This scheme is repeated Compared to paid apps when it comes to their degree of sophistication. It is worth noting that the creators have no problem with being Used for commercial applications. So it is a tempting choice for both of them Beginners as well as professionals.

pCon interior design software
pCon.planner allows you to create a view of a part of our project

DreamPlan home design

Suggestion for anyone looking home applications. Clear interface and many objects It will allow you to quickly master the basics and create really complex projects. We have it here too Get access to adding floors, designing the adjoining patio and even the pool! It is possible to buy the professional version which offers more options, but DreamPlan in Basic package will be enough For most household uses.

Sweet Home 3D

Free and easy to use – I think these two qualities will attract a lot of people and thus we gain a really strong position on our list. a program Installation required (Windows, Linux or macOS), however, this solution allows us add additions to it, Which greatly expands its functionality.

Sweet Home 3D
Examples of projects made with Sweet Home 3D | Source:

In addition, there are many additional options within the program itself. Among them we will find The possibility of creating round and inclined walls, for which we will select exact dimensions, fill the interior with appliances and furniture (this was divided into categories, to facilitate navigation). What is more, Each added item can be modified appropriately By changing its color, surface, orientation, etc.

As you can see, for hobby and occasional use The free program will be successful for interior design. You don’t have to spend any money to get the results you want! The only thing you need is an idea that you will implement in one of the tools mentioned above.

we hope that You will love our selection. By the way, I would recommend motherhome blog, You will find a lot there Inspiration, tips and news From the topic covered in this article but not only! So it is worth visiting regularly.

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