Fryderyki 2022 – Winners. Who received the award? [Lista laureatów]

Distribution of Fryderyk 2022. The 28th ceremony for the presentation of the most important music awards in Poland was once again held in Szczecin. Bartek Fisz Waglewski named Fryderyk in the Author of the Year category. On the other hand, Fish Emade Tworzywa won in the Band of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year categories. Three small statues also went to Daria Zawiao.

This is how we relied on the FRYDERYK Gala 2022

Fryderyk 2022 distribution. The Academy of Phonography Awards have been handed out for the 27th time this year. The concert was held in Szczecin. Awards were given in 15 categories: three in jazz and 12 in folk music.

In the field of folk music, the Phonographic Academy has awarded two Golden Fryderyk Awards this year. The first fell into the hands of the family of the late Jacek “Budyń” Szymkiewicz. The second – in the hands of members of the Republic team. The widow of Grzegorz Ciechowski – Anna Skrobiszewska was also present on the stage.

Golden Fryderyk 2022 went to Team RepublikaTVN24

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Fryderyki 2022. Best of the best

This year, three Fryderyk awards went to Bartek “Fisz” Waglewski. Individually rated in the Author of the Year category, he received two further statuettes as a member of Fisz Emade Tworzywa in the following categories: Band of the Year and Alternative Album of the Year for “Stories & Protests”.

Two statuettes were awarded to Kaśka Sochacka, recognized in this year’s Phonographic Debut and Indie Pop category for “Ciche dni” album. In this year’s Pop Album category, Senna won the “Irinka” album. Hania Rani has been honored as Fryderyk for the third year in a row. Awarded this year in the Product/Product/Product of the Year category. Together with Rani in this category, ex aequo, the statuette was handed over to Jakub Galiński. In the category Kompozytor / Kompozytorka / Composers, Fryderyk went to Daria Zawiałow and Michał Kush. Zawiałow was also awarded in the Artist of the Year category.

Ralph Kaminsky received two figurines during the ceremony. First in the Album of the Year category, poetic and literary song, and second in the Artist of the Year category.

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Fryderyki 2022 – Surprise from Mata

For the second year in a row, Mata won the Hip Hop Album of the Year category. This time he won appreciation for the album “Young Matchak”. When Piotr Rogucki read the verdict in this class, a person appeared on the stage, wearing a large down jacket and covering his face. After a while, it turned out that the statue was taken not by a rapper, but by Gracjan Roztocki – a famous Polish YouTuber.

Grassgan Rostoki chose Fryderyk on behalf of Mata

Grassgan Rostoki chose Fryderyk on behalf of Mata

Fredericky 2022 – Jazz

In terms of jazz, Marcin Wasilewski turned out to be the biggest winner. The artist was awarded Artist of the Year and Jazz Album of the Year for the album “En Attendan”. In the third jazz category – best phonographic debut of the year – Daniel Nozevic was recognized.

Golden Fryderyk was received for lifetime achievements in jazz by prominent saxophonist Henryk Miśkiewicz.

Monica Brodka and Ralph KaminskyPAP / Marcin Bellecki

Fryderyki 2022 – Winners List

General path: Meskie Granie Orkiestra 2021 (Daria Zawiałow, Dawid Podsiadło, Vito Bambino) “And you too, a lot”
Artist of the Year: Daria Zawyow
Artist of the Year: Ralph Kaminsky
Technical team/project: Emade fish material
Product Team / Producer / Producer of the Year: Hania Rani and Jacob Galinsky (ex aequo)
Author / Author / Author of the Year Team: Daria Zawyaw and Mishao Koch
Team of the Year for Author/Author/Author: Bartek Fisz Waglowski
Acoustic debt for the year: Kaika Suchaka
Pop album of the year: Sana “Irinka”
General Electronics Album: Scratches “4GET”
Alternate album of the year: Fisz Emade Tworzywa “Poems and Protests”
Indie Pop Album of the Year: Kaika Suchaka “Silent Days”
Album of the Year for rock/metal: “Pink Gray” flies
This year’s HIP HOP album: Mat “Young Machak”
Album of the year poet and literary song: Ralph Kaminsky “Cora”
General root/blues music album: Miosh x Silesian Song and Dance Ensemble “Contemporary Songs”
Album of the Year – Jazz: Marcin Wasilewski Trio “En Attendan”
Artist of the Year – Jazz: Marcin Wasilowski
Audio Debt of the Year – Jazz: Daniel Nozevic
general video: Monica Brodka and Prizymik Disney on the video: “Change the game” (Brodka)

author:Tomas Marcin and Rona

Main image source: PAP / Marcin Bellecki

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