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What is worth seeing during a picnic? CANAL+ presented its updates in May 2022, some of which will appear on the streaming platform this long weekend. Check out what you can watch.

“Love, Sex and the Epidemic”

Serial version of the latest Patrick Vega movie. A story about Poland in a time of pandemic and the fate of three friends trying to find themselves in a world where love and sex often change places. Journalist Kaja (Anna Mucha) would do just about anything for good material. Over time we discover what “almost” means. Photographer Nora (Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan) throws herself into a whirlwind of adventure when she learns about her failing health. Prosecutor Olga (Zofia Zborowska-Wrona) is influenced by a strange lover, and her current views and principles are no longer relevant.

Episodes premiere on Friday May 6th at 23:00 CANAL + PREMIUM and the same morning all episodes are on CANAL + online.

“free man”

Jay relives the same day over and over again and finally finds out that he’s an occasional minor character in a violent online game. But now that he knows about it, maybe it’s time to do something about it? Who knows, if he tries, maybe he can change something, and even get a beautiful girl and save his world from destruction?

The main role of Guy is played by one of the greatest stars of contemporary cinema – Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”, “The Fiancée Against Will”, “The Adam Project”). She played the role of Antoine’s villainous villain, Academy Award-winning director Taika Waitiki (“Jojo Rabbit”, “Thor Ragnarok”, “What We Do by Hiding”)

“Free Guy” is the work of Sean Levy, director of the series “Night at the Museum”, “Giants of Steel” and the last film with Ryan Reynolds, “Adam Project”.

Premiere on Saturday May 14th at 21:00 on CANAL + PREMIUM and the next day on CANAL + online.

“It won’t hurt”

The latest British medical series that combines drama and comedy in perfect proportions. A story about a group of young doctors who gained professional experience in a hospital. The story is based on the memories of Adam Kay, a doctor who over time chose the life of a comedian and writer, resplendent with a sense of humor, and at the same time faithfully reflecting the facts and the whole range of feelings that make medical series so popular. The series’ literary form – “Going pain” – was selected as “2018 Book of the Year” in the Biographical and Autobiographical category in a Lubimy Reading portal poll. Interestingly, the main character of the series, Adam Kay, often breaks the fourth wall here and addresses the viewer directly. And not just him.

In the main role, known as Q from the Bond films (“Skyfall”, “Specter”, “Don’t Time To Die”) Ben Whisman, winner of the Golden Globe and Emmy for the series “English Style Scandal”. The cast also includes Michelle Austin (“Secrets and Lies”, “Another Year”, “The Right Choice”) and Alex Jennings (“The Queen”, TV series “The Crown”, “English Style Scandal”).

Episodes premiering Friday, May 27 at 21:00 at CANAL + PREMIUM and the next day at CANAL + online.

“Back the ramen”

A delicious documentary about one of the masters of Japanese ramen, Masamoto Ueda, and his small restaurant in Tokyo where he has been serving this soup for over forty years. It’s amazing how this Japanese dish has become so popular lately. Following the path taken by sushi, it has become a new offering of Japanese cuisine. Noodle broth and a lot of different additives turned out to be an ideal dish that works almost everywhere and, thanks to the richness of its content and variety of versions and flavors, has gained fame almost all over the world.

Premiere Monday 2.05 at 21:20 at CANAL + DOKUMENT and the next day at CANAL + online.

“8 witnesses”

German crime series with an interesting original design. It is a story about a quick police investigation in an attempt to rescue a kidnapped ten year old girl. Emma disappeared while visiting the Natural History Museum in Berlin, and the chances of her being rescued dwindle by the hour. The series’ heroine, Dr. Jasmine Brown, is questioning other witnesses who may know something about the case. Each episode is the story of another witness and another clue to solving the mystery. From babysitter Emma to museum keeper to onlookers, every detail can help you find out who the kidnapper was.

Episodes premiere on Wednesdays from 4.05 o’clock. 8:10pm on ALE KINO+ and the next day at CANAL+ online.


Canadian series about the shooting that shocked Buford College and the consequences of such a tragedy for the local community. The families of the victims (as well as the late shooter) are trying to find themselves in a whole new reality. At the same time, the police are conducting an investigation, trying to understand the causes and rebuild the course of the accidents. Over time, it turns out that the truth is not as clear as it might seem at first. The investigation brings unexpected results that allow some to find peace, but for others it is only the beginning of problems.

Episodes premiering Sunday from 8.05 to 8:10pm at ALE KINO+ and the next day at CANAL+ online.

Law and Order: Organized Crime

The latest installment of one of the most famous American crime series. “Law and Order” is a brand that has been doing great on television for more than thirty years, when the first series under this title debuted in 1990. Since then, more than 1,200 episodes (!) of production have been made with the phrase “ Law and Order” in the title (not counting the mods and spin-offs). The last seventh series revolves around the war against the New York mafia, which is being carried out by a group of local policemen.

Episodes premiere on Monday from 23.05 to 22:00 at CANAL + SERIALE and the next day at CANAL + online.

“crime witnesses”

A shocking documentary that premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2020. Its late author Luke Holland reached out to more than three hundred German survivors of World War II to record their stories – a generation already gone and witnessing horrific crimes. Soon the last of them will leave the world and there will be no one left to explain to contemporaries how this happened. How an entire nation became the embodiment of evil, surrendering to the power of criminals and actively participating in the implementation of their horrific plans.

Premiere on Monday 9 May at 21:00 on CANAL + PREMIUM and the next day on CANAL + online.

Here’s Joan Collins.

Alexis. One of the embodiments of evil in the history of popular culture in the twentieth century. Who hasn’t seen the movie “Dynasty” at the time and would love to hate Alexis. The actress who played her – Joan Collins – has become a cultural icon, even though she was already such an icon before. And still today. This British lady, who is close to ninety (this is the official title, because Collins was awarded the OBE by Elizabeth II in 1997) first appeared on camera in the early 1950s. Over the following decades, she played in dozens of American films and series, as well as British, Italian, and Austrian productions.

Premiere on Saturday May 21 at 20:50 on CANAL + DOKUMENT and the next day on CANAL + online.


Realistic drama about an American photographer who tells a scandal in distant Japan. In the early 1970s, photographer W. Eugene Smith’s war fame faded. Hardly anyone would like to work with an aging and conflicted reporter now. However, the editor of “Life” magazine sends him to Japan, and there he discovers the drama of the small town of Minimata, whose residents die from mercury poisoning from a nearby factory, where safety rules are not followed. Smith’s photos shocked the world once again.

Playing the role of a life-tired photographer Johnny Depp (who was also the producer of this movie) three times Oscar-nominated (the series “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Dreamer”, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”, “Ed Wood” On the screen, we will see Bill Negi (“This Is Love”, “Time for Love”, “Radio on the Wave”), Hiroyuki Sanada (“The Last Samurai”, “Road to Oblivion”, “47 Ronin”) and Minami ( “Vision”, “Battle Royale”).

Premiere on Saturday 7 May at 21:00 at CANAL + PREMIUM and the next day at CANAL + online.

Spiral: A new chapter in the Saw series.

The “Saw” horror movie series is one of the greatest movies of the 21st century. The series was launched today with a cult image from 2004, full of horror and surprises, and the series has just received the new ninth part, which at the same time refers to the previous versions, but also leads the story in a different direction.

This is the story of Detective Banks who investigates demonic murders. Following the lead, he does not realize that he is being led by a sophisticated assassin who draws him deeper and deeper into his intricate game.

Premiere on Saturday 28 May at 21:00 at CANAL + PREMIUM and the next day at CANAL + online.

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