Colors of Happiness Episode 2636: Clara will have an affair with the new supervisor?! Hubert will be angry with his wife’s jealousy – photos

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Colors of Happiness Episode 2636: Clara will have an affair with the new supervisor?! Hubert will be angry with his wife’s jealousy – photos

In 2,636 episodes of “Colors of Happiness” Clara (Olga Jankovska), along with Bartosz (Artur Buchinsky), head of marketing, and Jarecki (Magej Mikowijic), head of the publishing house, will begin to celebrate the end of work on Berki’s books. The marketer will also tell her about promotional plans, which means that they will be spending a lot of time together! In Episode 2636 of “The Colors of Happiness”, Clara decides to introduce Bartosh to her husband (Marek Mollack), who will not love the new boss at once! The marketer wouldn’t even try to hide that he loved Clara very much, which would be very worrying for Hubert! Will Berka enter into an affair with Bartosz?

“Colors of Happiness” Episode 2636 – Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 20.10 on TVP2

In episode 2636 of “The Colors of Happiness”, work on Clara’s new book, “Twelve Memories of Emilia”, will end, so Jarici and Bartosz Berka will invite to a joint celebration. The end result will also please the author herself, who found it difficult to communicate with the publishing house. Brika didn’t want to promote the book under her own name, as it was so closely related to children, and she didn’t like the fact that Jarecki and Bartosh made it an erotic novel with sex as the main theme! Fortunately, they finally come to an agreement that satisfies both parties, so in episode 2636 of “Colors of Happiness” they will start celebrating their mutual success!

Watch in the gallery how Bartosz tries to seduce Clara in “Colors of Happiness” >>>

In episode 2636 of “Colors of Happiness”, as reported by, Bartosh and Jarecki will not be able to praise the final result of the book and will immediately want to release the promotion so that the novel appears before Valentine’s Day. day!

– In my opinion, it turned out to be great – says Myśliński, who will announce that he will personally promote the book.

This book is a sure success – adds Jarecki.

– The mill related to the promotion will start and there will be no time to sleep… It will be a perfect gift for those who love – says Bartosz, who will also guide to Jarecki.

Unfortunately, in Episode 2636 of “The Colors of Happiness” Clara won’t share her enthusiasm and will think readers might misinterpret her book in this way, but Jarecki will make it clear to her to leave the promotional issues to the professionals.

Promotion of the book as a Valentine’s Day gift for lovers suggests that this is a frivolous read. We will mislead our readers – says Clara.

The publishing house has invested a lot in this project – She will mention her publisher, and then Pyrka will understand that nothing will win in this and will begin to celebrate their joint success with them.

Still in episode 2636 of “The Colors of Happiness,” Clara decides to introduce her husband, Bartosz, if she’s going on an extended tour of Poland with him. Of course, the marketer will not immediately like Hubert, who will not even try to hide his hatred for him. And the more Bartosz gets the impression that Clara is not indifferent to him!

– what do you work? – Hubert will start the conversation.

– Make your wife a star – Bartosz admits.

– You take my wife wrong – says Berka.

Immediately after Bartosz’s departure in Episode 2636 of “The Colors of Happiness”, Hubert confesses to his wife that he does not like her new supervisor. Clara will quickly reassure her husband, but will not dispel his fears, because Berka will boil with jealousy! And rightly so, for we reveal that in the upcoming episodes of The Colors of Happiness “Bartosz will get very close to Clara and start courting her even more daring!

Gains from close acquaintance – Clara will smile.

– I hope it’s not too close – Hubert will clearly confirm.

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