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Fashion designer, journalist Barbara Huff, cultural sociologist, retired professor. UKSW Elżbieta Rekłajtis and longtime Parish patron St. Karol Boromeusz in Warsaw, Administrative Supervisor of Stare Powązki, Fr. On Friday, Marek Jawzewski was honored by the Minister of Culture, Pyotr Glinsky, with gold medals for “Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis”.

On Friday, the “Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis” gold medal awarding ceremony was held at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Honored – Barbara Huff, Prof. Elżbieta Rekłajtis and Sr. Marek Gazefsky.

“It’s a very beautiful moment, and at the same time very important – medals and honors are indicators of what is important, what is most important in the hierarchy of important values ​​​​of Polish culture” – noted Deputy Prime Minister Glinsky.

He stated that the “Gloria Artes” gold medal is the highest award in the field of culture in Poland. “Poland would like to thank you for your achievements and for all that you have done for the sake of Polish culture,” the Minister of Culture said, addressing the audience.

As he said, they worked in three different cultural fields. “They are all important, and the culture is one. These areas reinforce each other and interact synergistically” – he emphasized.

He assessed it as “an important day for Polish culture”. “On behalf of the Polish state and Polish society, we can distinguish outstanding and worthy people who, with their labor and talent, have passed an outstanding test in their life for the benefit of Polish culture,” Glinsky noted.

Elżbieta Rekłajtis is an Orientalist and cultural sociologist by education, and Emeritus Professor at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

One of the important topics addressed by the professor is the specificity of Polish culture, shaped by difficult historical conditions, which paradoxically created some social continuity. The difference is emphasized, for example, from cultures based on world languages. Rekłajtis also reflects the essence of Polish culture and its role in preserving the identity and dignity of the national community.

As a cultural sociologist, he specializes in intercultural communication and social and cultural issues in the Maghreb and Middle Eastern countries. She admitted in an interview with reporters that the award was “a surprise to her because she does not feel that she deserves such a great honor.” “But of course the joy was great,” – she noted.

the father. Marek Gałęziewski is an old pastor of the Diocese of Street. Karol Boromeusz in Warsaw and Director of the Board of the Old Powzki Cemetery, is credited for its reconstruction and preservation.

During the father’s ministry. Gałęziewski, the complex of historical religious cemeteries in Powązki in Warsaw, by order of the President of the Republic of Poland on July 3, 2014, was recognized as a historical monument. In the complex of six cemeteries forming a spacious spatial layout, a prominent place is the Roman Catholic cemetery in Stare Powązki – the oldest cemetery in the capital in continuous operation since 1790, and at the same time one of the most recognizable monuments in the Warsaw region. For 28 years, the cemetery was supervised by the father. Archbishop Gausewski acts on behalf of the Archdiocese of Warsaw as Director of the Board of Directors of the Old Boski Cemetery, and at the same time is the Archdiocese of Warsaw. St. Charles Borromeo.

On the initiative of the Priest and under his supervision, numerous renovation, technical and conservation works were carried out, which ensured that the Powązki cemetery remained in good condition.

the father. Gałęziewski estimated that the “Gloria Artis” gold medal is “for all those who worked with him for 28 years at Stare Powązki Cemetery”.

“They deserve it, because they took care of the infrastructure in Stare Powązki. They took care of the sculptures, monuments, etc. This is a medal for them, especially the hard-working, physically hardworking people, whom I have always respected and appreciated very much. Powązki is very resistant to them.”

It was reported that two million Poles were buried in Stare Powązki. “I think they deserve it too,” he added.

The ‘Gloria Artes’ gold medal was also received by fashion designer, first lady of Polish fashion, journalist and art historian Barbara Hoff.

Hoff began her relationship with fashion as a journalist – in the years 1954-2002 she ran the “Fashion” column in the weekly Przekrój. She was not only the legendary creator of modern patents “For Responsibility”. As a foreign correspondent, she described fashion from the streets and catwalks of Paris, London and Brussels. Equip readers with knowledge about what is currently worn in the world. She played a photojournalist who captures elegantly dressed students on the streets of Krakow and jazz lovers coming to Sopot. She has worked as a photojournalist and designer for her own fashion collections. Over the years, she has worked with photographers such as Wojciech Plewiński, Tadeusz Rolke, Janusz Sobolewski and her husband Robert Kulesza, as well as with famous supermodels: Grażyna Hase, Lucyna Witkowska and Urszula Krzyżanowska. She invited her friends to the sessions, including Małgorzata Braunek, Wojciech Pszoniak, Daniel Olbrychski and Maryla Rodowicz, who wore prototypes of clothes from her “private collections”. Modeled after the foreign ones, these sessions were a “breath of Western style” in the harsh reality of the People’s Republic of Poland.

“I did it in the times when it wasn’t a meter of fabric, buttons, thread, rubber band and everything was just to customize. (…) I don’t know how I managed. I decided I was fighting Russification completely consumed me. What to do, until we are in Europe and not some Kolkhoz in the East ”- told Hoff about her work.

She admitted that she “didn’t like what she was doing and was in trouble because of it”. “It was really, really bad from that point of view. I was on the list of people who were fired, fired, and the so-called whole bunch, including the ultimate drama that happened in my family. I tried to act, however,” Hoff recalls.

The “Zasłużony Kulturze Gloria Artis” medals have been awarded since 2005 to persons distinguished in the field of artistic creativity, cultural activity or protection of culture and national heritage. This honor honors outstanding achievements in the field of culture and has three degrees: gold, silver and bronze. (PAP)

Author: Katarzyna Krzykowska

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