40th International Dance Day. Polish and Ukrainian letter

International Dance Day falls on April 29 – the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre, the great choreographer and reformer of ballet. This year we celebrate the festival for the fortieth time.

The tradition of celebrating this day is to convey a message by a person who has contributed to the development of the art of dance in the world.

The author of this year’s international message is Kang Soo Jin – a South Korean dancer, artistic director of the Korean National Ballet, and honorary doctor of the Department of Dance at Sukmyung Women’s University in Seoul.

The author of the Polish letter, which Polish artists request to prepare every year, the Foundation for Dance Art is Anna Hope. Dancer, choreographer, associated with the Polish National Ballet. He works as a choreographer and director on dramas, musicals, operas, and film miniatures. Since 2013, he has been constantly cooperating with the Department of Educational Programs of Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera, leading workshops and creating performances as part of educational projects.

This year, while celebrating International Dance Day, we must not forget our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Therefore, we also present the Ukrainian letter by Anton Ovchinikov – Ukrainian dancer, choreographer, director, artist and educator.

Photo: Georg_Van_der_Weyden

2022 message

An ancient Chinese curse says, “May you live in good times.” It’s… fun times. Difficult, tragic, important.

Hard times make up strong people. Let’s treat them as an option. The ability to test yourself and your inner strength. ability to act.

Art and people of dance are not indifferent to current events. We have our language – a universal movement of all people. We work with a powerful tool. Let’s appreciate the transmission power of the art of dance and think about how it can be put to good use for the needs of today. Art connects, enhances, develops, brings comfort, good experiences, is a valve for emotions, helps purification and understanding, detachment for a moment from reality and the problems that surround us. I encourage you to expand the above list, first of all.

It’s also a great opportunity to re-evaluate your life. See yourself and your actions from a different, broader perspective. Look at the real scale of the problems and discern what is important and meaningful and what is frivolous and unworthy of attention. We appreciate how much we have and what a wonderful technical field we are honored to deal with. I see you glass half full.

I was supposed to write about dance as I write about life. But dance is an inextricably linked and interacting life. On International Dance Day, I wish all of us a world where art, dance and artists remain.
A world where further development is possible and unstoppable.

Photo: mat. Organizer

Anton Ovchinikov

* * *

This is how wild horses rush through the grasslands
The earth is torn to shreds they drink the wind trampling on the curly grass

This is how people with unknown faces roam towns made of stone
Leaving the light where no one remembers the light anymore

This is how fish swim to the end of the sea and fight the currents
They lay their eggs shiny silver and strewn with spots

This is how hearts beat when eyes are flooded with despair
And among them rise Obelisks of words

This is how the blue snow ice covers the rock drawings
Keeping his hot cool is the secret of immortality

This is how people make mirror neurons sacred
Each cell is filled with human consciousness

This is how a bird rushes first to defend its birds
Ask him what is power and where is the truth hidden

This is how a superstitious person prays to all the gods
How does he silently go to the scaffold with his shaved head?

This is how rivers restore life and wash the souls of the dead with water
Filled with rain without fear of becoming waterless

This is how honesty breaks dry and weak hearts
Don’t let madness and bravery go from here irreversibly


Translated by Andrei Savinik

саме так мчать степами полями коні дикі

рвуть землю на шмаття, топчуть траву, випивають вітер

саме так блукають містами бетонними безликі

лишаючи світло там, де давно позабули як світить

саме так пливуть риби, стинаючись з течією до самої межі моря

викидають ікру, сяють сріблом, люпотять бризками

саме так б’ються серця, коли очі витікають від горя

а вранці зростають із них слова обелісками

саме так блакитні сніги вкривають льодами малюнки наскальні

зберігаючи в холоді палкі таємниці вічності

саме так роблять людей святими нейрони дзеркальні

повнячи плоть свідомість людяністю величною

саме так кдається птаха боронити пташів своїх сонних

запитайте, де правда сила в її крилах схована

саме так молиться всім святим мати иясь забобонна

та на плаху де за своїх, мовчазна, з головою поголеною

саме так ріки несуть життя, омиваючи душі мертвих

наповнюються дощами, не бояться одного зсохнути

саме так ирість лучить в серця заскорузлих черствих

не даючи безумству й сміливості ввіки замовкнути.

Translated by Polina Polat

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