Tadeusz Rydzyk’s Trwam Television received millions from the government. Why?

We wrote about the finances of Father Tadeusz Redzek, among others, in February of this year, when the director of Radio Marija appealed to the public for subsidies. The Redemptorist encouraged support, describing the activities of the Our Future Foundation, including. Organizing journalism workshops for young people and co-financing the research of the Institute of Memory and Identity – set up by the Lux Veritatis Foundation.

Troam TV Father Rydzyk with the support of several ministries

Troam TV should not complain about a lack of support, as evidenced by the responses to the parliamentary inquiries of Polish MP Hana Gil-Petek.

In total, in the years 2015-2021, the station operated by Father Rydzyk was to receive 5.9 million PLN from the government. Most of them, up to 2.3 million PLN, came from the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. All contracts entered into after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic related to the release of information patches on the prevention of COVID-19 and the vaccine campaign.

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The rest of the money comes from eight ministries. The Ministry of Health paid 1.3 million PLN For the production and broadcast of stains, incl. about breast cancer prevention and the social campaign “I plan for my long life”; The Ministry of Agriculture allocated 636.4 thousand. zloty for the “Knowing Good Food” campaign and the operational program “Fisheries and the Sea”; Family resort 386.6 thousand zlotys for sites promoting the Rodzina 500 plus program, Polish family – violence-free and support for the elderly campaign; The Ministry of Climate and Environment is expected to be 313.2 thousand. zloty for the radio series “Something in the Air”; Ministry of Culture 285.7 thousand zlotys for sites in the campaign “Read! – The Best Investment You Can Always Afford” and “Literary Testimony of Poles’ Attitudes towards Jews during World War II”; Ministry of Education 118000 zlotys For the “Social Responsibility of Science” series of programs, a Ministry of Finance and Regional Policy 365.4 thousand zlotys To promote the state program directed at the clubs of country housewives and broadcast on European funds. Ministry of Defense I paid to release documentaries about Captain Whitold Bellecki, but Did not disclose the exact amount.

In the Radio Track poll, Radio Maryja comes in at number eight in the audience ranking. In front: RMF FM, Radio ZET, Jedynka, Trójka, VOX, Antyradio and TOK FM, followed by RMF Classic and Dwójka. From January to March 2021, Fr. Rydzyk’s radio reported 1.7 percent. of the market, topping the RMF rate of 30.1 percent.

In 2020, Telewizja Trwam was ranked 16th in the audience ranking (list prepared by the National Broadcasting Council for the first quarter), registering an average market share of 0.59%. For comparison, Polsat’s average share (first place) was 8.59%.

Father Tadeusz Rydzyk is proud of his financial independence

In a recent interview with Naz Dzinik, Father Tadeusz Rydzic stressed the financial independence of Radio Marija.

– When we were setting up the radio, we told ourselves that it wouldn’t be supported by commercials. “I received for free, give for free.” We thought she would survive thanks to people. This money is not big, but it is big, and therefore Radio Marija is independent. The greats of this world cannot influence what we say. He said this is a free voice.

– We have a lot of good Catholics and Poles. If they want to donate permanently to our university, set aside a tax deduction for a good cause … Perhaps the readers of “Nasz Dziennik” will help to find such people, will they tell them about our university? – He was asking.

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