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Each week, the program will expand on a different lifestyle theme and present them from different perspectives. Each episode will reflect the personality of the host. The first three episodes of “Onet Styl Życia” will include: #dobrostan with Małgorzata Ohme, #design with Anna Pietraszek-Sawicka and Dominika Olszyna, and #city with Marta Wierzbicka. Coordination will be developed with new lifestyle topics and new speakers.

“Onet Styl Życia’s new line is the first component of the new strategy for Onet’s lifestyle area. We know from the research that we have significant increases – up to 37 percent. Of women that during the pandemic, they visited our home page more often. It is clear what their interests and what they currently need.This is why we are focusing on a new video message that is based on editorial insights, but also on the authors’ own ideas.This year, our strategic goal is to update the lifestyle category, expand the topic, and engage different groups and users, says Dominika Olszyna, Editor-in-Chief of Onet Lifestyle i Kultura.

Małgorzata Ohme will host the first edition of “Onet Styl Życia #dobrostan” on April 6. Dedicated to healthy selfishness, the episode will feature Aleksandra Botikanovic, psychologist and author of Tools for Positive Development, and Iona Josowska, a world, European and Polish champion, boxer and kickboxer, a woman who claims to be “healthy. Selfish from birth.”

The next episode – Onet Styl Życia #design will be hosted by: Anna Pietraszek-Sawicka and Dominika Olszyna. The program will tell you how to arrange a comfortable interior, what to invest in and how to interpret trends.

The third edition of the program – Onet Styl Życia #city will be led by Marta Wierzbicka. Each episode of #city will have a different theme related to urban life: culture, labor market, education, shopping, diversity, tolerance, career, sports, etc. The program will be implemented in different locations, both of which will be celebrity apartments and urban spaces: cinemas, museums, cafes, service buildings, gyms – everything related to the urban lifestyle.

Host of the show “Onet Style Życia”

Dominica Olzina is the Editor-in-Chief of Onet Lifestyle i Kultura. Graduate of Cultural Studies and Innovation Management at SWPS University. She has been working since 2010 as a journalist and editor specializing in lifestyle, culture, design and architecture. She collaborated, among others, with “Wysokie Obcasy”,, “Vogue Polska”, “Architektura-Murator”. Since 2011, she has been deputy editor-in-chief of “M jak Mieszkanie”. In 2015, she was promoted to the position of editor-in-chief of In 2017, she joined Wirtualna Polska as Lifestyle Content Strategist, then became WP Dom Team Leader for Content and Website Strategies. In 2020, she was promoted to Head of Creative and Content. From 2021, editor-in-chief of Lifestyle and Member of the Assembly of Experts in the referendum of the musthave Łódź Design Festival.

Małgorzata Ohme is one of the most famous and respected psychologists and journalists in Poland. I graduated from Social Psychology at SWPS in Warsaw. She is the owner of the women’s portal, the presenter of “Dzie Dobry TVN” and original programs on Onet. She is a co-founder of a modern platform that provides psychological support and personal development to employees – MINDGRAM. He gives lectures, lectures and webinars related to mental health, quality of life improvement, life coaching and personal development.

Anna Pietraszek-Sawicka is an interior designer, author of the Bezarchitekta concept, which includes: website, Bezarchitekta Academy, various projects and publications. Cultural expert, theater scientist and art promoter by education. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in ód and in Milan at the Università degli Studi di Milano. Author of the e-book “New Interior. The magic of decorating in your hands”.

Marta Verzbica – theater and serial actress. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She gained popularity playing the role of Ola Zimińska in the series “Na Wspólnej”. He currently serves on the boards of directors of the Komedia and Kamienica Theaters in Warsaw. She gave her voice to the title character in the Polish dubbing of Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice Through the Mirror” films. In private, a great animal lover and well-designed.

According to the results of a Mediapanel study in February of this year. Onet’s home page was visited by 12.1 million users (ie 40.63% of all Internet users in Poland), each of whom spent an average of 49 minutes and 33 seconds on the page.

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