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Richard Cusick: Thanks to a series of feature films, Mikołajki is experiencing his third youth (or even a third life): they have been watched by hundreds of thousands of former children (“Mikołajki” and “Mikoajka Holidays”). Now we can readNicholas treasure(Emoticon Mark) and watch his movie version. In the book you’ll find plenty of movie stills and a story about Santa’s journey to find the lost treasure of Olaf the one-eyed.

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Anna Kowal: Assuming that the protagonists of children’s and teen books (such as young singers) are usually a few years older than their potential readers, Brandon Moll wrote of the series”candy war“(Welga) can be introduced to children between the ages of 7 and 8. His main character, Nate, is ten years old. He and his parents move to Coulson, where he befriends Trevor, Pigeon, and Summer, who make up the Adventurers’ Club, while at the same time On the town’s main street, a new shop with unfamiliar sweets has opened, and its owner Mrs. White willingly rewards children with candy in exchange for gifts. The mirrors… White’s orders are becoming more and more suspicious, and the iceman, Mr. Stott, appears in town. Sweets from his shop She has extraordinary strength… The second volume of the series is “Brawl in the corridors“It’s been a year since Nate, Summer, Trevor and Pigeon saved Coulson Town from Belinda White. The witch has turned into her counterpart and then lost her memory. Now, as Lindy, you’ll help the four friends fight a menace: a shady arcade has opened in the area, where you can win amazing prizes, And it turns out that the owner is … her brother, Jonas White, a ruthless wizard interested in obtaining the most powerful spell on earth.

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Richard: Ilona Winevska, author of Reports on the Far North, first appeared in the novel category for young readers with the book “friend of the north(Children’s Agora.) It’s a mixture of travel, adventure and nature novels, drawn by Mariusz Andreichzek. For 12-year-old Daniel, it was meant to be a quiet vacation in the company of his favorite aunt. Unusual, because it’s in Spitsbergen, among reindeer, puffins and fjords. Daniel did not expect that he would be caught in the middle of a criminal scandal on an arctic island, someone kills polar bears and the local police cannot identify the culprits.

I: Mikołajki was already there, so it’s time for his less polite version, Nightmare Karol… You, Rysiu, do you like him?

Richard: I have a soft spot for him, also because Rusik laughed in front of him so many times. The book has just arrived in bookstores.Karolik’s nightmare and bank robbery“Franceski Simon (Emoticon Mark). This is the third edition, because Karolek has been entertaining us for years. According to his parents, the title character is the most terrible kid in the world. He loves to annoy others, especially his brother, the perfect Damian. He founded the secret club “Purple Skull” Favorite shows are “Obżartuch Onufry”, “Maksio Mutant”, “Gladiator Terminator”, “Stinky Salonik” and “Rapper Minesweeper”. There are also other heroes: Wredna Wandzia, Ordynarny Olo, Jędzowata Jadzia or Greedy Henio … How not Do you like this series?

I: Too Big for Fairy Tales by Agnieszka Dąbrowska (Children’s Agora) was released around the same time as the film of the same title. This is the story of Waldek, whose life revolves around gaming tournaments, cash registers, and psychological fans. The boy has an exceptionally understanding mother – she is a little overprotective, but understands the emotions of her son. However, when my mother suddenly lands in the hospital, your parents come under Aunt Mariola’s wing and learn what discipline is. The makeshift babysitter offers a healthy diet and forces the boy to exercise. Will your parents handle all the challenges?

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Carolina Groszka, Andrei Grabowski, Dorota Kulak and children. Watch the trailer for “Too Big for Fairy Tales”

Richard: Who did not dream in his childhood to become a spy or a secret agent. That’s what happened to the teenage hero of the series “School of Spies” by Stuart Gibbs – by surprise – it happened. Despite the initial difficulties, he was able to adapt, and the school appeared perfectly. The work will begin, and the third volume is titled “spy school. In the enemy campYou, Marto, are you probably a fan of the course?

Marta: I love it, and since I have a colleague at the publishing house, my personal spy has already informed that the fourth installment is coming out this year. I am waiting for her with as much excitement as my eight-year-old daughter, with whom I recently remembered all the parts of Harry Potter.

As for the books that can be associated with “danger”, I will mention.shooting“Anna Skowrońska (Muchomor). It is a very well-published element, in which children (+10) will learn, for example, what determines the color of the flame, what is pyrocumulonibus, what is the temperature of lightning, where the soot from burning taiga can reach, But also about the fact that fire was once used to burn books in Nazi Germany or to destroy Warsaw after the Warsaw Uprising, and this is where Harry Potter appears on one of the pages.

I: I also recommend”Monster Hunter’s Guide. Find monsters. Monsters and intelligence“Joe Ballarini (Young). This is the second volume of The Adventures of Babysitter (and Monster Hunter) Kelly Ferguson. Defeating Populud brought her fame, but now the monsters yearn for revenge, our heroine will have to face the Spider Queen. Waiting for her life and protecting the children she cares for?

Richard: I add”enchanted forest“Enid Blyton (Mark). A mysterious tree grows in the depths of the Enchanted Forest. Franny, Beth and Joe – the three brothers, despite warnings, decide to reach its top. They find a way to the Enchanted Land, or rather the Lands, because the passage introduces them to the magical world every day, And they will also meet the inhabitants of the Tree of Heaven – Madam Piura, Ferre Posca and many others.

And a story about the world’s most famous nanny and the Sherinova’s 17 children – in a new translation by Marcin Murtka and with original illustrations by Mary Shepherd: “Mary Poppins is back“PL Travers (our library). Mary Poppins is back! She flew from the sky holding the string of a kite. Since her return, Little Banks have had wonderful adventures once again: discovering who the eldest daughter is and how to bring spring, they eat tea with the master every second Monday of the month he does Everything is in the opposite direction, and even makes friends with bears large and small …

Marta: Since Murtka mentioned, in a few days – on March 23 – his next book will be released “Tales from Świetnik. Volume 1(Welga). This is a collection of short stories about animal friends who live in a litter/Swietnik. Contrary to all appearances, they live a great life out there—probably not for the gang of pussies, who are trying to prevent their friends from activities. The stories have an environmental message. If that The book is as funny and lightly written as his series on Tappi and series Totalne zapmowanie (we can’t wait for the fourth volume with our youngest son), I would recommend it to younger school students and older preschoolers too.

Reading to a Child - IllustrationChildren’s books – let’s talk about emotions. Let’s start with immigrants.

Now, however, you can read a book with your children”We can save our earth“Lol Kirby (HarperCollins Poland), for which Anna Taylor has written an introduction. Anna is the founder of the Climate Network for British Students, who started the fight to protect the environment at the age of twelve. In this book, the reader will meet more children fighting climate change in All over the world this is a topic we must discuss with them, plus children are well aware today, and any advice and inspiration to fight for a better world is valuable.

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